Mock Trial Squad 2k15

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Mock Trial Squad 2k15

Only the coolest people from the coolest class ever. Term 1 2015.

Our class website/ blog thing: [1] This is a private website, so if you want to view it, email for the username and password.

Mock Trial (Wake Forest)


  • Instructor David Yasinovsky
  • Teaching Assistant Jackson Myers

Students (Term One)

  • Ella "Selfie taking mom"
  • Bo "Fall out boy philosopher"
  • Max "Sitting in chair wrong way"
  • Rahmla "Rahmla's always right"
  • Logan "Backflip"
  • Elly "Grieving mother"
  • Carly McDonald "Crazy fangirl"
  • Emma Nohara-LeClair"Insane runner"
  • Jacob "BRUH"
  • Jerry"Sass level"
  • Esther "Fam/grandma"
  • Quinn "New York Sports fan"
  • Jay "Minus 100 points"
  • Naasir "Two personalities"
  • Aaditya "Objects to everything"


Most likely to...

  • Get everyone to move to Texas...Jay
  • Wear a suit to every function...Naasir
  • Use a seance as evidence... Jerry
  • Microwave her clothes...Emma
  • Write fanfiction about people in our class...Carly
  • Eat banana pudding...Elly
  • Play hall soccer...Esther
  • Wear a hat...Bo
  • Steal Bo's hat...Rahmla
  • Wear different clothes every day...Ella
  • Give everyone the password to his computer...Jacob
  • Wear Southern Tide apparel...Logan
  • Carry around his notebook everywhere...Max
  • Take over the world...Aaditya
  • Be a secret agent...Quinn

Ways that they broke TiP rules

  • On phone past lights out...everyone in the group
  • In other people's rooms...Ella, Esther, and Emma
  • Played hall soccer...Esther
  • Almost got in fight with golf kids.(Aaditya, Logan, and Jay)<note: okay it was totally the golf people's fault because they were making fun of us because they thought we went to "math" camp, so we decided to tell them that golf isn't a sport. And mostly this was Jay and Aaditya until Emma got involved. Logan was trying to bring peace upon all civilization while this was happening.>
  • Had a war after lights out on last night. (See brotherhood page)(Jay)
  • Put toliet paper all over second floor.(Jay)
  • Microwaved her clothes.(Emma)
  • Talked to random strangers at meals (Emma)
  • Some profanity.(About 1/2 of the class)
  • You guys... One time i fell asleep at 10:46! (Esther)
  • I locked my roommate in the bathroom and suitemates OUT of the bathrooom. Whoops. I regret nothing. -Carly

Inside Jokes

  • SaveTheBees2k15
  • Fam
  • Quinn for the Winn
  • Jerry's Sass Level
  • Mock Trial Fam
  • Oh my David Yasinovsky!
  • Objection, Your Honor, There's a badger on my witness!
  • The definition of Hearsay
  • They must pay. Thank you!!
  • The prosecution is hungry
  • Minus 100 points
  • Ella is mom
  • Esther is grandma
  • Rahmla is always right
  • Quoso
  • Chaco Fam
  • Tipression Therapy
  • Jerry's dark baby joke