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According to Tip legend, Emma's status as a 4-4-1 tipster is quite respectable, at least in the eyes of her fellow tipster friends. Emma is agreed to be a pretty iconic tipster, and has a few legendary stories of her own to share with the growing population of intellectual minds.

First Year (2014)

Emma took Stones and Bones: Archaeology and Anthropology at Wake Forest for her first year at tip. Her RC was Izzy, and her RAG consisted of thirteen other smol lil beans. Her roommate was Lily, and Emma and Lily bonded over their shared love of Haribo gummy bears and veggie burgers. Emma's first year of tip was in 2014, and many of the rules and regulations were not in place at that time. Due to this, Emma and Lily were legally allowed to party hard with other socially awkward 13 year olds in the vicinity of their small room. Emma's suitemates were Maya and Jessica, both of those girls being absolute angels and allowing Emma access to their shared shower from the crisp hour of 7:37 to 7:43 am every single morning. While Maya was an OG and shared her coveted Morovian Ginger cookies, Jessica shared her beautiful bassoon music with Emma during 9 to 10 free time on a nightly basis. Back in her first year, Emma chose to abide by the rules, so she got a good 8 hours and 50 minutes of sleep every night. Emma did not violate the cell phone/electronics policy, in large part because the only electronic device Emma possessed was an iPod shuffle. With this piece of breakthrough technology, Emma listened to many bops including the entirety of Taylor Swift's repertoire of country-not-country music and her hometown hero's "Hey Porsche" (note: Emma did not understand half of the lyrics at this point, so she just assumed that the song was about cool cars and St. Louis)

Notable bros

  • Lizzie Wright
    • quite possibly the most iconic person to ever set foot on Wake Forest
    • like honestly Lizzie is a blessing we don't deserve
    • Emma and Lizzie were together every single year of tip except for their fourth year
  • Mac
    • part of the cutest relationtip to ever happen in Raleigh-Durham
    • mnm
    • Mac and Emma are still great friends to this day
  • Victor Rodriguez
    • or more commonly known as the Beacon of Hope
    • Lizzie, Emma, and Lily agreed that looking at his aesthetically pleasing facial features gave them unparalleled amounts of hope for them to continue in their eternal lives full of darkness
    • the fate of this beautiful boi was highly disputed among members of the human race, particularly by the eligible females
    • many friendships were put in jeopardy due to the heated arguments regarding the equal distribution of the nine slow dances to all parties interested
  • Albert
    • oh yes Emma definitely remembers him
    • Emma actually genuinely still feels bad about this
    • I was going to try to tell the story in bullet point form, but I decided that Albert deserved an entire section to himself, especially after what Emma put him through

Albert from Alabama

  • be emma
  • be 13
  • be even more awkward around the homo sapien sapiens than she is now
    • haha sorry love you emma
  • be at first tip dance
    • be Emma's first dance ever
    • be having lots of fun with rag
    • lots of lit music comes on
    • slow song comes on
      • oh no not a slow song
      • but wait it's Hey There Delilah
      • oh yes Emma loves this song
      • be seeing people start to slow dance
      • makes fun of friend who is slow dancing with boy
      • wow Emma is very glad she is not slow dancing with anyone
      • be having a lit time with friends
      • oh no boy is walking up to me
      • oh no who is this boy
      • probably into one of Emma's friends
        • oh yes sigh of relief
        • Emma continues to dance with friends
      • be tapped on shoulder
      • turn around
      • see boy
        • oh no what is this boy doing here
        • boy asks if Emma wants to dance with him
        • who is this boy
        • why does he know Emma's name
      • Emma panics and says sure
        • oh no what is Emma doing
        • how do you slow dance
        • who is this boy
        • why does he keep looking at me
        • where are Emma's friends
        • Emma sees them laughing at her
        • one of them is slow dancing with a pineapple
      • song ends in middle of second verse
        • freedom at last
        • runs away
      • song starts back up again
        • Emma is still hiding
        • be tapped on shoulder again
        • it's the boy
        • wHo Is ThIs BoY
        • Emma keeps dancing with him
        • awkward af
        • finds out his name is Albert and he lives in Alabama
          • alabama
          • trying to think of things in alabama
          • best thing Emma can come up with is Rosa Parks
        • finds out Albert from Alabama knows Emma from morning run
        • he was watching Emma
        • he knows Emma's name
        • Emma does not know what to do with this piece of information
        • brings up Rosa Parks
      • song finally ends
      • three minutes and 53 seconds of pure awkward
        • Emma used to really like that song
        • what a shame
  • guys this is just the first slow song
  • there are nine slow songs over the course of tip

Phillip the Pineapple

The only story from Emma's first year that is debatably more iconic than Albert from Alabama is the story of Phillip the Pineapple. Once upon a time, pineapples were used as decoration in the dining halls (note: the phrase 'once upon a time' is significant because this is no longer the case as of present times, largely due to the following tragic story of a beautiful pineapple and fourteen hungry teenagers). One day, a smart lil bean named Iris realized that it would be fairly painless for her to steal pieces of fruit from the dining hall. Iris started off with the occasional apple or banana here and there, but then proceeded to set her eyes on a bigger and more illegal prize: the coveted pineapple. For three hours each day, this gorgeous piece of fructose stared at Iris, as if he was taunting her to steal him. After many many days, Iris finally decided that the time had come for her to rescue the handsome Phillip from the dining hall. After the most heinous heist of the 21st century, Iris and her overly enthusiatic RAG decided to bring their beloved Phillip to the first dance. Iris had the honor of dancing with Phillip, much to everyone's dismay. However, the sheer act of committing the unthinkable helped Iris and her RAG to settle disputes quite subtly, and it was decided that Iris would get to enjoy Phillip's company for the entirety of the three slow songs.

After the dance, Iris and her RAG realized how much energy they expounded in obtaining and supervising Phillip, and decided that it would be a fitting time for a late-afternoon snack. Unfortunately for Phillip, this delicious snack involved the sacrifice of his handsome set of chloroplasts in the name of hunger. The girls brutally murdered Phillip the Pineapple by the light of their phones, using only the plastic knives that they were able to steal from Chik-fil-a. Fortunately for the girls, their RC Izzy was from Hawaii, and knew and trick or two about pineapple anatomy. The exact verdict of Phillip's fate has not yet been determined by a unanimous vote, but to this day Emma swears the Phillip the Pineapple was the best pineapple that she has ever consumed in her almost 17 years of living. Phillip the Pineapple continues to live in our hearts not only as Iris' date to the dance, but also as a martyr to the greater good of quality produce consumption by aspiring vegans, vegetarians, and Paleolithic dinosaurs.

Second Year (2015)

Emma's second year at tip was filled with fair amounts of drama, ships, dancing, data usage, and tiring efforts to save the bees. Emma's RC was Liz (who she actually saw for three out of four of her Tip terms) and she was in Mock Trial. As one of the few second years at Wake Forest, Emma distinguished herself from the rest of the lil tipsters by partaking in various activities involving microwaves, running, and closing statements. Thankfully, Emma had a bit of a technology glo up, and proudly sported a super "kool" (another second year vocab word) iPhone 5c in her favorite color (also happening to be the warmest of the colors): blue. With this new piece of techy tech, Emma could now do new and exciting things such as communicate with her parents, take pictures, and listen to actual bops (sorry nelly and taylor) Emma was an honorary member of The Brotherhood partly because of her great pick-up lines (usually involving states of some form), and partly because of the dining hall Jesus camp incident (more details to follow). All in all, Emma had a pretty memorable second year that was equally as fun as it was stressful.

The Spicy Savages

Emma was placed in a RAG consisting of 10 other "spicy savages" including Ella, Alex (her super kool roomie), Hayes, Elly, Kristy, Megan, Ava, Leah, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Esther. Their RAG was known to contain the koolest, spiciest, and altogether loveliest of the many females residing at the beautiful Wake Forest campus. Additional information regarding the whereabouts of this lit RAG can be found here on their RAG page :) Liz's RAG performed a glorious rendition of Don't Stop Belivin' by Journey for Tipsync, complete with expert choreography by expert choreographers Hayes and Ella. One judge, Boris, particularly favored their routine, leading to the ultimate success of the group's breathtaking number.

The Tale of the Microwave and the Sports Bra

The story that you are about to hear is one that has been shared multiple times (and was shared so quickly that the entirety of the tip population at Wake Forest heard this story within an hour of its occurrence). Emma claims that there is justification for the atrocity that occurred on that fearful night, but her roommate as well as the majority of the tipsters agree that the event that happened was unprecedented and iconic in nature, so iconic that Emma was referred to as "Microwave girl" for the remainder of her three weeks at tip.

Mock Trial Squad

The Mock Trial Squad of 2015 continues to singlehandedly serve as "class goals" throughout the entirety of the diverse tip community. The page Mock Trial Squad 2k15 contains a rare behind-the-scenes perspective into the dynamics and mechanics behind one of the best intra-class relationship (and relationtip;) of all time. Mock Trial was taught by the legendary David Yasinovsky and TAed by the famous Jackson Meyers, and consisted of Ella, Emma, Rahmla, Carly, Esther, Elly, Jay, Aaditya, Jacob, Logan, Quinn, Bo, Jerry, Nassir, and Max. A groupchat was created sometime in the first week of class, and served as the primary outlet of rule-breaking (in the form of late-night communication and meme-sending) for these angsty teens. Although over two years old, this class groupchat continues to be active periodically, and many many fond memories were formed due to the existence of this chat.

The Mock Trial class itself was a pretty stressful experience, largely due to the implementation of the Socratic method of teaching into the tasteless public school-bred palate of these intelligent but regrettably lazy tipsters. The class consisted of three main mock trials, ranging from the famous wifi battle of 2015 to the more sophisticated drunk driving accident (with a trial about a certain boy with diabetes thrown in for extra spice). A majority of class time was spent preparing for these trials, and many memories, alliances, and inside jokes were formed as a result of these large chunks of supervised freedom. The remainder of class time was not wasted, and the Mock Trial Squad of 2015 spent every last second of the class attempting to soak in all of the law lexicon and case studies that were presented to them. Emma definitely was overwhelmed at first by the amount of classwork as well as the presence of many intellectual minds, but slowly learned how to adapt and thrive in her new environment. Additionally (as the rest of her class is fully aware), once Emma opened her mouth for the first time, it was nearly impossible to get her to close it again, resulting in her name being written around the perimeter of the rebalance box more times than she would like to admit. Emma loves her Mock Trial friends almost as much as she loves cantaloupe, running, and goldfish on her salads (thankfully that was just a phase).

Emma and the Pull God

Third Year (2016)

Criminal Minds

Fourth Year (2017)

The Dabbing Dudebros

International Relations

Emma was truly one of the highlights of the class. She always had something funny and positive to say. ~ Hannah Cross User: ArachnidsGrip

Emma Progress

Fourth Year Will

I, Emma Nohara-LeClair, of angsty mind and yoked body, hereby bequeath the following: to Mock Trial Squad 2k15, a relevance box filled with bees; to Criminal Minds, 100% home-grown organic memes (and turkeys); to Lizzie, the beacon of hope; to Gabby and Mac, my collection of snapbacks; to Boden, the sweet sounds of Ted Bundy; to Kendall, the joys of ultimate frisbee; to International Relations, freedom sauce and communist propaganda; to RC Taylor's Dabbing Dudebros, 175 laughs by day and 178 laughs by night; to Tanvi Vishwanath, delectable laundry sauce; to Lydia, stolen popcorn; to Lauren, Sarah, and Jordan, my blessings; to Amanda, good, honest, respectable fourth year boys and a selection of spicy soviet readings; to Sofia, my exquisite set of crayola markers; to Dyl Pickle, the finest collection of cotton candy; to Luscious, pantene pro-v beautiful lengths shampoo and conditioner; to Tim Progress, a trip to spain and spicy sweet chili doritos; to Nelson, the crispest of high fives; to the fourth years, waffle contests with plenty of water; to be the Big Fingernails, the sickest of bars; to emma_progress, an endless supply of gainz; to tip wiki, my legacy in pseudo-poetic form; to gerogia shrek, the dankest of memes and 810 laps around the quad; and to everyone, all the shots i never shot as well as every last bit of my love