Tanvi Vishwanath

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About Her

A smol Indian meme queen. Her first year was technically her second because she neglected to go her first year. She is a bisexuwhale and known for drawing demon eyes on her eye lids, being a Rap Godâ„¢, being a kazoo legend, and having the dankest memes. She is also from Plano Texas.

Tech Term 2 2015

She was in Through the Wormhole and Aubrey's Super Sparkles. She was friends with Lou and Jaden. Colin asked her to a dance and she rejected him (we are all thankful). She made the most and best puns and made everyone's day better. If you needed a good pun or meme Tanvi was your girl.

West Term 1 2016

She was in Abnormal psychology and part of Amber E's RC group. During this time, she participated in a rap battle between her class and psychology of decision making, in which she absolutely roasted them. It was then that they discovered she could rap like heck. Additionally, once again, she made some very dank memes, including a small drawing of dat boi, and a drawing of caveman spongebob. During the off-campus trip to Palace Pointe, she acquired over 5,500 tickets, enough to get a lava lamp and a giant tube of mike&ike from the prize counter, while also having 2000+ tickets left. She gave those tickets to the next person in line.

Tech Term 1 2017

Her fourth year was by far the most memeingful out of all years. From hacking the coke machines in the dining hall, to being a Kazoo GOD, many dreams were fulfilled. Including making the most Relatableâ„¢ Quotes out of any previous term; such quotes included, but are not limited to: "I love the taste of capitalism in the morning"

  • holds kazoo in mouth* "just a little something to take the edge off"

"I like my men with squishy bits" "I can smell a woman from a mile away" "I don't like Tim_progress, he has a weird texture" In the first week she fostered many children in her class, and taught them the ways of TiP. She helped build the giant truncated icosahedron out of plastic shapes, and played any Heart Will Go On at the dance, which she wore pajamas to. Her TiPsync group sang Baby and used fidget spinners as the main theme. In the second week, she was the first and only person to get her face painted like the babadook at the carnival, sparking many positive responses. She also managed to make a half-browned banana, and be an unsolicited backup dancer for Tim_progress when he danced to wrecking ball at the 2nd dance, which happened to be pajama themed, so she wore pajamas for that one as well. The third week was hectic. Her phone broke in a tragic egg-drop contest mishap, and she had to use her computer for most activities. Nonetheless, she still managed to make her memes. The third and final dance was the one time she did not wear pajamas and instead wore a dress which had everyone shook. From believing in Yaddy, to the schmoods, to THICCY RICCY FROM IHOP AYYYYOOOOOO, her fourth year was an unforgettable experience and will be a major arc in the story of her life.