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Georgia Tech Term 2 2015

In this class the students took a personality test, made crazy stories that made no sense but were still hilarious, read various books and created ships between weather cubes, watched doctor who, and did various projects. Almost no one knew laurens name for several days before it was revealed and everyone attempted to remember it. Touchy feely time without the touching was a popular subject and pass time. Also we were the most memeingful class of all and if anyone says otherwise they are wrong and should be fought.

  • Students
    • Abby Filer
    • Elizabeth Martin
    • Louanne Hood
    • Nic Ho (aka Nick Cage)
    • Lily
    • Isabel
    • Joe
    • Derek Lang
    • Kathleen
    • Joesph
    • Tanvi Vishwanath
    • Mcpherson Newell
    • Jack Dowell
    • Caetana Ricci
    • Kira Oberman
    • Praise
    • Collin
    • Miribelle (honorary)
  • RelationTiPs in Class
    • Nicabel (Nic and Isabel, ended after TiP)
    • McJackson (Mcpherson and Jack, ended after trying long distance)
    • Abbeth (Abby and Elizabeth, ended After TiP)
  • Inside Jokes
    • The Anne names
    • Pepe
    • Sleeping candids of everyone especially Derek
    • Mint breathing cyborg dragons
    • Nick Cage
    • No one giving Collin five minutes
    • Jack being a little bit surprising
    • The human knot
    • Not being able to ever call out number roll without failing miserably
    • Not knowing Laurens name for days