Cheyanne Wescott

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Cheyanne is amazing. She was a tipster who invented Group Shower and was nice to every single tipster. Was in a relationtip with Gunner fourth year, Chris (baby Jesus)third year, and a vaguely remembered Chris B. (B. is also the initial of Baby Jesus' last name...sketch) first year.

She went to ASU first year and roomed with a girl who was notorious for not showering. She unfortunately missed her second year by registering too late, but came again her third and fourth years to UGA where she roomed with the fabulous Erin Sole and the two became best friends.

Casually adding that Chey (pronounced shy not shay-get it right.) is fantastic and I love her and I feel honored to have been part of the original Group Shower and to have her as one of my best friends. -Smeagle -Casually adding that I <3 Smeagle (and Cheyanne of course). -Erin

TA of Energy, Conservation, and Green Technology (Green Tech) Term 1, 2015

Cheyanne aka "Mom OG" was a hella rad TA. She was basically a student with authority. She taught psychology during evening study, and is the meme god of TIP. She was also the mastermind behind Operation Evanson, which would've succeeded even without her help. Or so they say. ("They" being Allison and Evan)(Final Result of Opertion Evanson- Failure).

TA of Through the Wormhole: The Past, Present, and Future of Science Fiction/Memetrash at Georgia Tech, Term 2, 2015

Doing her part as our meme trash overlord as well as our mom/vodka aunt, Cheyanne bravely fought for and against her class in terms of trolleys, cyborg dragons, and mints. She led us through concepts we didn't understand due to our smolness. She was once sat on during a human knot, and had since been skeptical of the activity. She was often bequeathed with Pepes, which got rarer and rarer as the term continued, and also with the unwanted responsibilities that came with being a mom/vodka aunt. These responsibilities included: making sure no one died, quietly shipping from her usual corner, overseeing touchy-feely-emotional-time-without-the-touching, and much more. She was probably the best TA to ever exist due to the amount she cared for us. We all love her like a parent because in some ways she became our parent. She also did unsolicited advice (a evening activity) with RC Callie Sparkman one night. She is an actual icon and we all miss her very very much (August 2019).