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Group Shower is a tradition started in 2010 at UGA by Cheyanne Wescott, Erin Sole, and Olivia (Smeagle) Colomb in order to avoid lines for showers in between Dawgfest and the second dance. The three girls wore bathing suits and took a shower together in the third floor handicapped shower. The tradition was brought back to UGA by Cheyanne and Erin in 2011 (both fourth years; Olivia was a fourth year in 2010), and the tradition was repeated before the first dance, after Dawgfest, and on the last night at four a.m. Many weird looks were given at the first group shower, but after the first group shower in 2011, the third floor girls' bathroom was filled with girls in bathing suits and sports bras waiting to take showers together, and thus, a tradition was born.

Group showering did actually take place in UGA Term 2, but it wasn't large enough that people knew about it.

In 2013, group showering was resurrected, inspired by Cheyanne, Erin and Olivia; Andrea Gardner, Jennifer Merriman, Alex (Sunshine) Ryan, and Eleanor, during term 2 at UGA after Dawgfest, planned on group showering. However, just before they all got in the shower, RLC Sarah went to all the girls bathrooms telling everyone, "group showers are not allowed, even if you have a bathingsuit on, it's still not ok, and if we catch you group showering you will be in trouble." After Sarah came through, Sunshine and Eleanor were scared and refused to shower with Andrea and Jennifer, so Andrea and Jennifer put their clothes on and got in the shower, their reasoning was that Sarah didn't say you couldn't group shower if you were fully clothed. Sunshine and Eleanor soon followed suit and put all their clothes on and got into another shower stall together, their reasoning was they weren't "group showering", but "couple showering" (because a group is 3+ and there was only 2 of them.)No one got caught, so group showers live on!!