Jennifer Merriman

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 2nd UGA II Vet Med Myers Hall Emily MJ Jung
2012 3rd UGA II Team Programing Myers Hall Giuliana Ahlers Lauren Shoffner
2013 4th UGA II Cryptography Myers Hall Calek's Crew Alex "Sunshine" Ryan


Jennifer is a 3rd year 4th year. She didn't come her first year because she didn't want to 'come to a "camp full of nerds."

2nd Year

She met and fell in love with Andrea Gardner. They were in the same class and rc group but rarely ever spoke for some odd reason. She was most often seen with the minorities and about 3 other girls in her rc group.

3rd Year

She spotted Andrea and her sassy Jessica Simpson suitcase on the first day, and ever since then they have been attached at the hip. In her class, team programming, she was the one of two girls, but quickly 'befriended" a small classmate AJ. This was the year she meet Duckie Griebno, and since the 2nd week of that year they too have been attached at the hip. Duckie, Andrea and Jennifer were inseparable, they were rarely ever seen apart.

4th Year

Her and Duckie were in the same rc group, but Andrea was not. This is the year that Andrea gave her the name "Big Black", Jennifer did not allow anyone to call her that except for Andrea, whom she lovingly calls "petite white". Her and Andrea were often seen grinding at the dances, trying to sandwich various boys between them. , their most successful sandwich, however was a girl, Mack. Jennifer was in crypto. there she met Haagan, from the second she saw him she hated him with a passion, however everyone in her class was in love with him, and that infuriated her beyond belief, she took any chance she could to outright insult him, but the class would soon come to his defense. During free time she was often found in her room on her laptop, with people in there with her, refusing to come out and socialize, until she broke it, then she had no choice but to interact with others. Her room was always open. Her and her roommate, Sunshine, got along amazingly, even though Jennifer stayed up every night to talk to her boyfriend on her laptop. Sunshine learned to sleep through the soft giggling. After her laptop broke, she had to borrow her amazing roommate's laptop.

Jennifer is my friend.

September 7, 2014

On September 7th, Jennifer was killed by Montannez Moody, who was 33 years old at the time. Jennifer was only 17. Moody was looking for his wife, Julia Moody, at the house Jennifer was staying at because of a restraining order taken out less than two weeks before by Julia Moody. He broke a window on a door, blindly fired his gun into the house, and fled. During this brief shoot-and-run, he shot 17-year-old Jennifer Merriman and her aunt, Bernice Merriman (54) who was injured by the bullets but is expected to survive. Moody was using a large amount of cocaine at the time, leading to his death.

On September 8th, news of Jennifer's death spread around to all the TiPsters. If you are reading this now, please wear your TiP shirt(s) and lanyard(s) to school tomorrow.

RIP Jennifer. We love you, and we miss you. Even to those of us who never knew you, you were part of TiP. You were our family. You were my family.