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Campus(es) UGA, GA Tech
Attended 2012, 2013, 2016(RC), 2017(RC)
Course(s) Criminal Law and Mock Trial, International Relations, RC
RAG(s) Calek's Crew Guiliana's Jewels
Roommate(s) Allyssa Vargas
Social Media

About Me

On the last day of the first session at Georgia Tech 2017, a Tipster rolled over my foot with a chair. It hurt SO MUCH! The nurse says that my toe is broken.

Twelve husbands

'''Main article: Duckie and the Twelve Husbands'''

The Duckie and the Twelve Husbands story started on June 17th, 2017, at the end of the first week of Term 1 at the Georgia Tech campus. [Side note: The story was actually heard a year before during term two in a similar situation.] While the RCs were having technical difficulties in getting the movie to start, Duckie passed the time by telling the Tipsters a story about how she traded the illusion of love to twelve classmates in elementary school in Zimbabwe so she could get their desserts. This quickly became popular at Duke Tip, including RC impressions at Swarm Fest and memes on the Tip Wiki, like the one below:Sickmeme.jpg

The story has been deleted from this page because there is a more detailed version on its own page(link above)