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Callie Sparkman (fourth year 2011) was, and forever shall be, a TiPster who simply radiates epicness. She spent her first and second years at ASU term 2 and her third and forth years at UGA term 2. She is a girl of many talents and impeccable taste.Although she is loved by many TiPsters including Marianna Hagler, her undisputed best friend is Sam Gray. Upon first laying eyes on this infinite ball of cuteness somehow contained is such a small adorable body, any onlooker will be unable to contain yodels of joy at witnessing her very presence in this plane of existence. You could say she is *supernaturally* flawless. Her precious personality is only matched by her beautiful combination of punk-flower-princess style. Her dancing is everyone's asthetic. All who do not know her are greatly pitied, and will live an empty life.

First Year

First year Callie took Appalachian Tales. At 12 years old, she was quite different from the person she is today. But even after this evolution, nobody who knows Callie well would be at all shocked to hear her sing the llama song all the way through at top speed, or watch her tap cafeteria grits with a spoon to see them jiggle like jello. They may, however, be a bit surprised by her former wardrobe. Like many 12 year old girls of 2008, her passions included Twilight and the Jonas Brothers. Her interest in both has waned over the years, but every now and then the latter makes a nostalgic reappearance. This was also the year Callie rescued a helpless tomato from being trampled by Frisbee players, a tomato who, sadly, is with us no longer.

Second Year

Callie’s original plan was to return to ASU all four years, but this was soon made impossible when in 2009 Tip rearranged the campuses to accommodate more specific age groups. However, she did spend one more term on her original campus, this time taking Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering. Less is known about this chapter of Callie’s TiPsperience, but it is understood that she was involved in various exploits involving ducks. Her pet this year was a drawing of Piggles McGiggles the Elder.

Third Year

Third year Callie was forced to change campuses. Being from Georgia, she unsurprisingly chose UGA for convenience. Her class was Cryptography, Code breaking, and the Science of Spying. By this point, Callie had adopted a new overall style of clothing and music as well as an obsession with Jared Leto, the namesake of the pet rock she would adopt during the term. She had learned every word to the Sweeny Todd soundtrack and had matured her love of anything Alice in Wonderland. Over the course of the term, she developed a reputation for stealing from and starting code wars with Teddy Donnell. She was the guest of honor at the first “concussion party” (all of a person’s friends stay up all night texting them so they don’t fall asleep and die) resulting from a failed trick with a glow stick.

Fourth Year

Forth year, again at UGA, Callie took Zombies and Vampires: Fear in Popular Literature. It was her first year where her sister was at the same campus, and, coincidentally, Clara Sparkman was in the same class with her elder. Therein, Callie also had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Marianna Hagler, who she didn't actually meet, really, but that's what we're going to say happened. Sam Gray, her best friend since first year and accepted Wonderlandian twin sister, became Callie’s first and only TiP roommate to arrive during check in hours, delighting them both. In fact, the two were so rarely seen apart during free time, activities, or meals that by the end of the term they were often confused for each other even by people who knew them in previous years. Callie was now one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds to be found, perhaps even THE biggest (quite an accomplishment at nerd camp). She and Ruthie Banks brought tears to the eyes of many this year with their talent show performance of “For Good”. Callie, herself, is known for having cried during The Deathly Hallows pt.2 when Bellatrix was killed and everybody else was cheering. Callie brought a 6inch Spike action figure to class for several days this term in anticipation of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But Spike does not get the title of her forth year pet because he was viewed as too human. Instead, the pet was a balloon animal lab rat that Sam (who was in pharmacology) brought home towards the end of the term and declared to be their dorm room pet. Callie named him Silas. Callie's fourth year will also had a ridiculous amount of typos, leaving people hate rather than a hat and a book of lants pictures rather than a book of Ianto pictures.

Be it known that Callie Sparkman is still in love with Kevin Jonas, the obviously hottest Jonas Brother.

General Info

Callie is an admitted music addict and humorously (but not inaccurately) describes her taste in music to be “emo pop, goth rock, and boy bands”, and perhaps that combination says something about her. She is also a gifted writer and can often write things she can’t say. This is probably why she has always preferred text messages over phone calls. Overall, Callie is a unique and wonderful girl with the uncanny ability to make people laugh when they Want to be sad, the kind of person you only seem to meet at TiP, and even then only if you’re lucky.

I honestly did not know what to think of her when I first met her. I thought she would be weird and mean, but she is a funny and incredibly kind person. She has an amazing voice and even though she will probably never remember me, I will never forget her.- Montressor

It has been confirmed that she attends raves. I needed to add this for everyone's information.


  • Georgia Tech Term 1 2015

Callie was an RC at Georgia Tech Term 1. During term 1, her group, known as The $quad, was a bunch of third year girls who found comfort in the place they called Friendship Corner. They're door decor theme was the Power Puff Girls.

  • Georgia Tech Term 2 2015

She was the RC for second years the next term. Their door decor theme was TFIOS. She got sick during term two much to everyone's distress. She also completely choreographed Aubrey's groups tipsync for them because they were lazy and didn't plan. She was a wonderful person and we all loved her very very much. On character day she dressed up as a Supernatural character and killed it. She also took everyone who signed with Cheyanne Wescott to Barnes and Noble the first weekend of tip Term 2 2015.