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Sam Gray (4th year 2011), the undisputed best friend of Callie Sparkman, is quite easily one of the most amazing TIPsters to ever walk the halls of Meyers. She was a Third-year-Fourth-year, but was awesome despite that fact.


First year, Sam attended ASU, term 2. Her original reasoning for choosing this term was that her brother (who's birthday was during term 1) would care if she wasn't present for the occasion. This was later proved wrong, though she continued to attend term 2 anyway. Her class was the ever-famous Wonderhogs, which her best friend was SUPER JEALOUS OF. Anyway, the first week or so, Sam seemed to be constantly alone (an odd trait for a TIPster), but this was soon fixed during evening activities one fateful night. Sam was sitting on a stone wall, drinking a vanilla milkshake and staring at the beautiful Blueridge Mountains when some girl (namely, Callie) came and sang the Llama Song at top speed. The two have been best friends ever since.


Unfortunately, Sam was not able to attend her second year ): However, Callie sent her her second year shoestring so that Sam could pretend she was able to go. :D


Third year, Sam attended UGA (term 2) and took Zombies and Vampires: Fear in Popular Literature. She was one of the founding players in NerdQuest, and was an absolutely terrible bodyguard when the Cryptography class played Assassins. It was in third year that Sam became Callie's official Donut-retriever, and the job stuck until the end of fourth year.


During check-in on the first day of fourth year, Sam was surprised to find that her roommate was her best friend ever. Her class this year was Pharmacology, and she came back with quite a few inside jokes that her roommate never seemed to understand. Pharmacology was also the place where Silas the balloon lab rat was born, and later became her pet. She is also one of the founders of the Wall of Things that are Nice, and was dubbed Callie's house elf before the end of the term. Fortunately, Callie freed same with a glove during the fourth year speeches.


Sam is the absolute best friend of Callie, and it is rumored that they are, in fact, the same person. This rumor has been confirmed by the multiple times that both Sam and Callie have been mistaken for each other, even by people they've known for a while. Sam has also been declared one of the two princesses of Wonderland. This came about shortly after reading The Looking Glass Wars first year. She is absolutely amazing and definitely one of those people that you can only meet at nerd camp.

-- 21:18, 4 August 2011 (UTC)Callie was here <3