Words that Matter

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Official Description

Delve into an advanced exploration of the power of the spoken word. Examine influential speeches and debates, study the logic and structure of effective arguments, and research the reasoning behind deliberate word choices. Create your own persuasive style, hone your skills of analysis and focus your writing to articulate your message. Refine your speaking skills and debate delivery to illustrate points of divergence instead of mere disagreement. After practicing these skills, apply them by preparing and presenting in-class debates.


The Beginning of the Words that Matter

The year was 2012, Words that Matter was a new class, being taught by the fantastic Andy Campbell and beautiful TA Meghan. That is when the insanity truly began. It all started when Colton Carey told us that he liked shoes. Then, the floodgates opened, Hannah, delivered a Nietzsche like paper on her weirdness and Charlie Pie described herself as a "...bucket of snails." It all got weirder from then on. I can't truly describe the strange things done by the 2012 class, but here are some quotes that describe it quite well.

  • "Nazis are always relevant"
  • "The lettuce is my father"
  • "And Norwegians don't come from Norwegia, they come from Norway, fun fact about life"
  • "Ride the bumblebee!"
  • "BCONN + Muffins = 9 1/2"
  • "Goddamn communists!"
  • "I may or may not have been a mermaid"
  • "Because this was the jalapeno that was promised them"

The 2012 Roster:

  • Ella: Universal Dictator, Village Elder. Has now moved on from TiP has passed on her title, with the Power Hoodie, to Hannah Peterson.
  • Drake: Chick-fil-a Junkie
  • BCONN: is a 9 1/2 with muffins, and looks badass in Oakleys (jk).
  • Susie: Didn't really talk much, made a very convincing argument that Marie Antoinette invented cake.
  • Colton Wall: "Mr. Snape, are you aware that nobody likes you?"
  • Hailey: Possibly was a phenomenal mermaid.
  • Alex: Known for his magic skills, ardent atheism and always going against the flow.
  • Margo: Keeeper of the quotes, hater of modern music.
  • Claire: "Nobody ever suspects hot air balloons of terrorism."
  • Maggie: She only sometimes feeds her horses pop tarts.
  • Emily: Hater of Colton Carey, vengeance after he drew first blood.
  • Lalin: Two brothers, maybe that's why she was the most convincing cross dresser on Thug Thursday. Thug Lyfe, Dawg.
  • Colton Carey: Drew first blood, does not have an inside voice, likes shoes.
  • Charlie Pie: Her fathers are a piece of lettuce and a moose, hates communists and nazis, a republican hippie and a bucket of snails. Known for a REALLY long joke.
  • Derek: Rides the bumblebee like a BOSS, ardent freeboarder and all around chill guy.
  • Hannah: Succeeded Ella as Universal Dictator. Anakin Skywalker rubbed her the right way. Trekkie, Potterhead, Sherlockian and Whovian. Just about everything rubs her the wrong way.
  • Grace: Fluent in Spanish, you better say Casablanca right!
  • Tessa: Also known as Pikachu. Happy, opinionated, vertically challenged person.
  • Abigail: All Logos, all the time. Love, love, loves to argue rationally.
  • Meghan the TA: "You're an acorn jalapeno!" Master of drawing and Tu Quoqe. Was held hostage by Zippy the Tipster.
  • Andy Campbell: "You're all idiots!" Known for cursing and hating Micheal Bay. I'm gonna say an Andyism here and say that he is totally badass!

2012 Inside Jokes: The Lockbox, Metaphors, Zippy the TipNation Representative, needs more Logos, your Post Hoc is Ergo Propter Hoc, The Sacred Jalapeno, Orwell would approve, Speak like Hitler, Stand Like Napolean, Nazi jokes, Spock it up, BATNA!


Best year for WTM. 2018, Second Term of Rice University.

The 2018 Roster:

2018 Inside Jokes:

  • Sheeple, wake up!
  • Share the sidewalk
  • R-E-S-E-C-T
  • Murder is nothing compared to swimming
  • Vish is our god now
  • God = 10
  • You owe me like 97 compliments
  • ERIC
  • Gravy is wavy, and Joe is Bro
  • Holdthefolk
  • Sheeple Messiah
  • You'd be a great bear
  • Future Tense

Duke East Term 1 2019

The Class

  • Instructor Maurika Smutherman
  • TA Casey Gilbert
  • Ainsley Blackwood
  • Meredith Wyrick
  • Sara Abul-Khoudoud
  • Shreya Hansalia
  • Danielle Cho
  • Ricardo Jose Urena
  • Alex Ford
  • Alex Hill
  • Miceala Morano
  • Jonathan Oliver
  • Andy Durham
  • Zaramagi Espoir
  • Brooke Frizzell
  • Olivia
  • Sarah G.
  • Talula Martin

Notable Quotes, Songs and Other Things

  • to be added!*