Ash Spencer

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Ashlyn Spencer

  • Aka Ash
  • Aka Smash
  • Abuser

Ashlyn "Ash" Spencer was a blue/purple haired who identified as "Resident Bitch" with Sofia and got herself involved in a whirlwind of drama , with was followed by many MANY conversations in order to straighten things out. When her RC group first met her , they thought she was going to be evil, emo , goth, mean, etc. But boy were they wrong. Though Ash gave off a kind of Maleficent persona , ash was one of the best people at tip. She's best known for her abuseivness , as when she gets close to people she also feels the right to hit them (she consistently bopped Sofia on the head for all the messed up things she said). Ash spent most of her res life hanging out with Kenneth [[1], Kyle , Sofia, John, and Emily. They enjoyed playing cards and listening to music in the lounge between 3A and 3B , and ash also enjoyed being in that lounge alone with Kenneth ;) (her realtionTIP that went past just tip <3) Also ash hated the 4th year RC (rip Johnny) because he called her a toxic thot , understandable. Ash has an unjustified fear of arts and crafts and will forever be known as blurple. luh yuh to peices ash <3 - Sofie

2018 Rice 2nd Term

Ash was part of the 2018 Words that Matter class, 2nd term of 2018.