Emily Sobel

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Emily Sobel

She exists.

2018 Rice 2nd Term

Emily was part of the 2018 Words that Matter class, 2nd term of 2018.

2019 Duke East 1st Term

Emily was part of Literary License Without Limits.


  • Emily dated and broke up with Skippy X.
  • Emily Sobel was a member of the Kazoo Karens TiPSync- Endangered Love from VeggieTales (as Bill) as well as a member of the Kazoo Karens talent show act as a backup dancer for the kazoo cover of Toxic.
  • She could often be seen in the third floor Pegram common room, lovingly referred to as the Crack Lounge.


"I'm fifteen I'm gay, and I can't find my pipe cleaners."

A Note From Her Original Wife

Hi, I'm re-editing this because it's two in the morning and the sheer exhaustion is filling me with words to say. Oh, and I'm determined to write the best damn note on this page. Anyway, I love Emily with my ENTIRE, WHOLE HEART. I couldn't be luckier to have met such a fantastic person. I'm so glad to have been able to spend the majority of my three weeks at East with her. She is easily one of the most reliable people I know. She was always there with a hug whenever I needed it (or when I didn't, she was there with a hug always.) There are so many examples of this to pick from, but I'll always remember the literal breakdown I was having post-TiProm and how she showed up outside my door, unprompted, just to make me feel better. Emily is genuinely the sweetest and funniest people ever. I'll always remember meeting her on move-in day over a game of Cranium and bonding over the sheet invalidity of 'Data Head.' The hours we spent in the third floor of Pegram, exchanging the flower crowns she let me borrow, or in the med line together were my absolute favorites. Emily is a beautiful human being inside and out and I'm so glad I get to call her one of my best friends. -Macie “brightside” Richardson <3

A Note From One of Her Many Wives

Emily is one of the most amazing people ever. I'm so glad she put up with my all-around craziness and we became friends, because I love this girl more than life itself. She is one of the most beautiful people on the planet (the first day I was scared of her because of it) and does the most kickass eye makeup you will ever see. Don't be fooled by her fairy-princess looks; her fairy energy is easily matched by her outright crackhead energy. She is a proud member of the cotton eyed hoes and will take part (even if remotely) in the large marriage next year. I am so so glad I met this amazing girl. All my love, - Sophie Knapp