The Breakfast Heist of 2019

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The Breakfast Heist of 2019 was an attempt by a few tipsters to bring back boxes full of coffee cups with food back to The Arson Lounge for people who were too lazy to get up and go to breakfast. However, they were stopped and told that each person could only bring back two coffee cups of food. The hoard of people who were waiting for their food (which included some people from the arson squad, the LlamaSquad, and a dnd campaign) was summoned to collect it from the cafeteria. As everyone returned to The Arson Lounge to eat, one person was left behind in the cafeteria but they eventually caught up.

As someone who was summoned to the cafeteria to collect the food, I think the original plan should have been allowed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other editor: "As someone who attempted to bring the box back and still has photographic evidence of the heist, I agree that the plan should have been allowed, as there was no violence involved. Why stop TiPsters who just want food on a Sunday morning???" - Brave TiPster