The Arson Lounge

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The arson lounge was the 4b lounge at Rice University during term 1 2019. The story of how it got it's name when two tipsters, who were talking about the book 'Good Omens' in the lounge. More people gathered in the lounge and they somehow started talking about the topic of crime, which led to the topic of arson. The tipsters changed the topic to school but ended up talking about arson again. Basically there was a lot of talk about arson that occured in the lounge. Also, there is a fake potted tree with string lights on it, known as Treesus, in the lounge which could be a fire hazard.

The arson lounge was associated with The Breakfast Heist of 2019 and The Arsonist Lounge Pillow Fort. The Arson lounge was used for meetings for Damilola's RC group.