Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming

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How does Google instantly find the relevant websites when you type a word into the search bar? How does a city know the most efficient route that their trash collectors should take? Explore the ways that computer scientists develop algorithms, processes, and programs that allow complicated problems to be addressed in meaningful ways. Go beyond simply understanding how to create computer programs and understand the mathematics that drive the adaptation of these programs to many fields of study, including medical sciences, aerospace, business and physical sciences. Some computer programming experience is beneficial, but not required.

This class was offered for grades 8-10 at Rice University and Georgia Tech

[1] circa 2018

Rice University

2018 - Term 1

Hosted at Rice University 2018, this class was great. Students spent time learning about Python and Arduinos and their real world applications. This class consisted of large amounts of programming and application in different scenarios. The class was held in the Ryon Computer lab during Term 1. The instructor was Professor Phifer and the TA was Noah Spiner. During the last week (Week 3), another teacher named Osama Sakhi came in and taught the class with Professor Phifer. For the students, this was the funniest and most off topic class due to the result of breaks with, minecraft, and These breaks were only 10 minutes long, but provided the students with necessary entertainment to continue learning.

Notable Events

  • Taking pictures of squirrels
  • Throwing frisbees on the way to class
  • Minecraft LAN World during breaks
  • Rohan setting his notification sound to the Roblox death sound (OoF)
  • Joaquin asking Noah if there are clouds in Florida
  • Rohan making his Arduino Sonar only to notice people of darker skin tones
  • Playing random songs on Dylan's speaker


The students here were pretty cool. Not really though. Everyone here is part of a family tree, but only the important ones are marked

  • Stephen Noh (Dad)
  • Gabriel
  • Rohan
  • Alisha (Favorite daughter)
  • Dicong
  • Sterrett
  • Aaron
  • Adam
  • Dylan (Stephen's Dad)
  • Joaquin
  • Gaurav
  • Zeke
  • Sahib (Disowned)
  • Shreyas (Favorite son)
  • Liam
  • Andrew
  • Henry
  • Sanjana (She left after the first week because she thought the class was too easy)


  • Teacher #1: Charles Phifer

2019 - Term 1

Notable Events

  • Bruh, bruh moment, broski, etc.
  • Frisbee during breaks
    • Pass to Marvin!
  • No. More. Recursion.
  • “When it’s the exercise, you do it”
  • Poker and Donner Dinner Party or Uno at lunch
  • Eric reading the flowcharts
  • Tea Time
  • Chris never showed up at all to Duke TIP this term
  • Hangman game (guess the letter r)
  • Hannah + Tim (Spy 101 TA) (and the combo evening study)
  • Treehouse gang and Counter-Treehouse Gang
  • Visual Studio


  • Natasha
  • Shreya
  • Sofie
  • Rudolf
  • Jacob (Liltye)
  • Caleb Eden
  • Ryan
  • Marvin
  • Damien
  • Will
  • Tyler
  • Allison
  • Brianna
  • Eric Bormann
  • Jack