Eric Bormann

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TIPster at Rice 2019 term 1, who notably wore a scrunchie on his arm for the entirety of camp. Most known for eating peanut butter with a knife at every meal.

Early Life

Eric Bormann was born in Fort Worth, Texas on July 27th, 2004. He attended Primrose School on Columbus Trail. Bormann then applied to be a part of the Kindergarten class of 2022, for which he was rejected due to a "lack of maturity." He therefore attended Kindergarten at Fort Worth Academy moving on to Trinity Valley School. In seventh grade, he was given the opportunity to take the SAT as part of the Duke Talent Identification Program. In the summer between seventh and eighth grade, he sleepwalked out of a window while vacationing in Austria.

TIP Life

Eric first attended Summer Studies in Term 1, June 2019. It was at Rice University and he attended Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming. Bormann's instructor was Muna and TA was Hannah Wolf. His residential counselor was Jonah Nance. Eric was a notorious figure among many of his fellow TIPsters in his first term.


Only notable TIPster for the entirety of his first term at Rice