Stephen Noh

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The legendary "Stephen Noh" was a first year fourth year at Rice University 2018. People have a strange addiction to repeatedly saying his name over and over again and he finds that annoying. He was in the Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming class during Term 1 at Rice University. During his time in this course, his classmates developed the nickname "Stephen is Daddy". This comedic statement was first stated during a game of His classmate Dicong had named his player avatar "Stepen's Face". In response, his other classmate Rohan had named his player "Stephen is Daddy". The joke gradually continued to grow, so much to the point in which his classmate Shreyas had purchased him a Father's Day card.

A gift from god himself, a man sent to Rice to liberate us of our hardships

Stephen is so hot that he evaporates all liquid(s) around him. Unfortunately, if he is aboard a cruise ship or in a pool, all the water in the surrounding vicinity will evaporate, leaving behind a very sad Stephen.