Super secret Duke Tip boarding school

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The Super secret TiP Boarding school is the special camp where all the best TiPsters are invited to spend the rest of their careers/lives at Duke University. They train so hard, they get their PhDs in 3 years after admission. You will know about it of you are in it, as you will receive a special link to the application, but only a few tipsters will be accepted, as it is very rigorous, and held on the 6th floor of Rice University. The tipsters involved in the program as of now are:

For applications, contact the Dean of Admissions at

Applicants may be placed on a waitlist if their application is insufficient. Applications must include:

  • At least one (1) good meme. No normie memes allowed.
  • First and Last name/ Nickname
  • Previous TiP terms
  • How beautiful on a scale of 1-10 Andreana is (See her celebrity photoshoot)