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Katie Maddox is a fourth year, fourth year tipster who attended TiP '17, '18, '19, and '20. She is an alum of both Davidson and Rice, but is now fully an East Tipster. Disappeared off the face of the Earth successfully! ! !

Katie Maddox
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Davidson, Rice, Duke East
Attended 2017-2020
Course(s) Creative Writing, Criminal Trial Advocacy, Literary License
RAG(s) Mary Boyd, Morgan, Gabby
Roommate(s) Lily, Shreya, Malia
Social Media


Katie was a shy but crackhead-y tipster at Davidson. She took Creative Writing, and spent most of her time hanging out with her friends Kailee Goldstein and Melanie Dietrichh in the vending machine room and kazooing tipsters out of their rooms. She was a founding member of the Owl City Kazoo cover band, the Kazoo Krew, that slayed the talent show. Other people present in her life were Sophia, Shrita, Angela, Lilly (her roommate), Alex, Elijah (Starr), and Aubrey.


Rice was when Katie truly came out of her shell. You could often find her dancing on tables, leading revolutions, and accidentally ordering 1000 dollars worth of McDonalds from the Phillipines in the Lounge. She took Criminal Trial Advocacy, truly the best class there at the time, and enjoyed annoying her instructor Kent and her TA Kristen. She was one of the founding leaders of the Thot Knot Revolution of '18, where Tipsters successfully fought admin after one of the directors called the girls at TiP 'whorelike'. If you went looking for her, you could probably find you in the Lounge, hanging out with Dylyn, Ashley, Matthew, Andreana, Christie, Daniel, Saranna, Lucy, Kelly, and many more.


East '19 was truly one for the books. It was at this term that Katie adopted the nickname 'KT' and 'Crackhead', and tried her hardest to live up to these words. She loved to freak people out by wearing small plastic babies on her lanyard, from which she was also dubbed the nickname 'Baby Girl'. Before Christian banned it, you could always find her in 3rd floor Pegram Lounge, aka The Duke East 2019 Crackhead Lounge. KT fell in love with this campus quickly, and knew before the second dance she wanted to stay here forever. She has countless relationtips, husbands, wives, and hoes, launching her into infamy when she managed to score 42 hoes in one day.You could often find her in the company with Charlotte Mann, Ethan(aka Kyle), Jack, Madi, Anna, other Anna, Macie, Sophie, Ollie, Anisha, Emily, Hannah, another Anna, Megan, Liz, Malia, and Penelope. There were probably others but I'm writing this at 2 A.M. sooo whoopdeedoo. Her favorite fourth year, though she loved many, was Garrick Reeder, probably one of the most lit, smart, and kind people she's ever met. He bestowed on her the legacy of Blaze her third year, which she will be carrying with her into her fourth year with much pride. Both he, Brooke Huffman, and Daddy B. Duke were the best parents ever and she will miss them all terribly next year.

note from [redacted]

Katie, where should I even start. You are wonderful and deserve the world, and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is just plain wrong. When I first met you, there was no way I could imagine how wonderful you are or how special you would make my time at tip, but even though I didn’t expect it, there's not a better way it could’ve turned out. You never failed to light me up when I was feeling down, for god’s sake I cried because you care about me listening to Iris while I was supposed to be writing a research paper in class. Now explaining that wasn’t fun, but I didn’t know that it was possible to care about someone as much as I care about you, and I am so thankful that you made my tip experience so special. Every day I would look forward to moonscreaming with you, a time we would always spend together. Watching you scream angrily at the moon never failed to make me smile, and the crazy things we did at moonscream are moments I hopefully never will forget. The time we all kazooed instead of screamed, when you made vegan mac and cheese and tried to share it but it was so disgusting nobody would try some, or the time we chugged a whole bottle of kombucha together. We, unfortunately, didn’t get tipsy, but the night was magical none the less. When you got the title of blazemaster at the talent show, I saw you and that's what finally released my tears. You helped me dive headfirst in all the amazing traditions and culture of tip east. When I didn’t know a dance, I would look to you because you always seemed, or were good at pretending to, know what you were doing. You are an amazing human being, and you being in my life was an amazing gift and I’m so thankful that we got to spend the special moments together that we did. Don’t forget about me, because I know I could never forget about you. -u know

A Note From a Dear Friend

Katie is perhaps the most crackhead person I've ever known. She was one of the first people I met in my class, and before term, the groupchat was just us and one other person. The first day, she asked me if the jokes about Alabama were legitimate. This is how good friendships start, my friends. Very soon after, we got engaged, and we were legally required to be best friends after that. Katie took this very seriously, and we instantly became the most crackhead duo at the campus. I literally would die for Katie within seconds. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life, and I'm so blessed to know her. She's one of the if not the best friend I have ever had, and she knows more about me than is probably necessary. I know I can always go to her when I need anything, and I know that all of you could do the same. She's my favorite crackhead, and the dumb stuff she has said and done is unparalleled. If any of y'all disrespect her, you'll have me to deal with. However, she keeps not reading my messages. Hoe. Talk to me. I love you, Katie! - a hoe

A note from a friend

KT has the Biggest Richard Energy™ and definitely lives up to her title of the Blazemaster. She’s always so full of energy and she’s definitely gonna go full Rev-T at some point during her 4th year. She stands up for what she believes in but most importantly she’ll stand up for any greenie (even though they don’t have any rights). Thanks, KT and I can’t wait for next year. -LC

A Note From A Fellow Crackhead

KT is one of the biggest crackheads I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and my favorite one by far. The moment I met her I knew that she was, indeed, absolutely insane and that we would get into some Things together. And that we did. But, above all, KT has always been there for me. She's been someone I knew I could always rely on and, at times, has been my literal shoulder to cry on. She's one of the most caring people you'll ever meet. TiP wouldn't have felt like TiP without KT. Additionally, she is such a talented writer and I am so glad I got to read her writing. It made me feel emotions I didn't even know I had. All in all, KT wins in crackhead energy but she also wins in friendship, kindness, and generally being wonderful. KT, I love you with my whole entire heart. -M"b"R

A Note From Someone Else Who Has Never Been To a Gym

Katie is the MOST chaotic in the BEST way. She has the biggest heart, the best emoetry, and the most crack out of anybody I know. She is such a great friend: always there for you when you need it, always ready to cheer you up. She has one of the most infectious personalities and was easily one of the most well-liked people on campus. I loved writing about russian spirits at the gym together, attending hug cult meetings together, chanting "illiteracy" together, praising daddy b. duke together, and just spending time with this awesome human. I love her with my whole heart and I am so glad I sat next to her that first day. She is one of my favorite people in the whole entire world and I can not wait for next year together. - Sophie Knapp