The Duke East 2019 Crackhead Lounge

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Known in past years as the Very Super Queer Room, this location at East is very important to our culture and history.

A Brief Summary

The Crackhead Lounge of Duke East Term 1 2019 was situated on 3rd floor Pegram. It housed many tipsters, the bravest of the bunch, and witnessed many acts of crackheadery before going to the crackhead lounge was banned by Christian. Members were known to read Duolingo fanfiction together, distribute tiny plastic babies out of a monkey dispenser, scream at each other incoherently, and throw things out of the window just for lolz. Three members, (Jack Heidrick, Katie Maddox, and Anna Walker), went on to obtain relics and represent the crackheads in Relicsquad 2020.

How It Was Assembled

They all met on the first day, when they all by chance were communing in Alspaugh. They decided to move over to Pegram and go see Jack's room, and on the walk over there, they all became fast friends. Together, they knew - they would burn this place to the ground, together.


Relic Holders

Member Relic
Jack Heidrick Banerd and The Sass Hat
Katie Maddox Blazemaster
Anna Walker The Annabeth Chase Hat