The Annabeth Chase Hat

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The Annabeth Chase Hat is an East Term 1 relic; it is simply a 9twenty Yankee's hat. The hat was originally known as the Yankee Hat and originated from the UGA campus, however, when Angel Muse had to complete her fourth year at East, the hat came with her. The Annabeth Chase Hat is given to a third year that attended a different campus in their second year and is attending East for the first time. The hat has to be with the holder every day of term at all hours but only needs to be worn at all dances. Tate Clemons received The Annabeth Chase from Angel Muse in 2018, the first time it was passed down on stage (as an official relic). In 2019, Tate Clemons changed the name of the hat from the Yankee Hat to the Annabeth Chase Hat at TiP Lore.

2016: Jacob Dowell

2017: William Giliberti

2018: Angel Muse

2019: Tate Clemons

2020: Anna Walker