Tate Clemons

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Tate Clemons
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke West, Duke East
Attended 2016-2019
RAG(s) Ava, Amber, Ren's Roses
Roommate(s) James, Sophia Chang, Katherine Nikolich, Katherine Lawson
Social Media

Tate is best known on Duke East's campus as being the TiPster we all need but don't deserve. She is welcoming to everyone she meets and never loses her trademark positive energy. In short, Tate is like the quintessential mom friend, but better.

Her nicknames include: Tater, Taterbeanie, Bean, Beanie, Toobtoob, Tahter B. Annie, Tateberries, Tathan, Tathaniel, Tatelor, Ruth Tater Ginsburg, and Tatelyn.

Years at TiP

First Year (2016)

Her first year, Tate attended Term 1 at Davidson College and took Psychology. Her RC group only had 8 girls and they all became very close. They worked together to create an 80's jazzercise themed TiPSync to "Oh Mickey," and Tate remembers the choreography to this day. They won Best Costumes at TiPSync - perhaps in part to Tate's hair, which she teased beyond control. Her RC group was also known for their Rolly-Chair Caterpillar which they rolled into a RC group meeting one night. Her RC group had an honorary, male member that would often join them at breakfast - Bendy Ben.

This year was the year she was introduced to

The Game. The Game was started by Tate's teacher right before Lunch and he refused to repeat it at lunch which left the TiPsters alone to figure out something that only one of them knew how to do (one of the girls in Tate's class figured it out in less than 5 minutes and therefore must be the smartest TiPster ever). Tate finished the class day without knowing how they game worked along with the majority of her classmates. By evening activities, everyone on campus either knew the secret or was dying to figure it out. Only after her and her roommate had emotional breakdowns, and consumed an entire bag of Twizzlers, did Tate discover the secret of the game. Her roommate discovered shortly after Tate, but Tate did it first.

Tate had long hair this year and had not yet acquired contact lenses, making for an iconic first year look.

Second Year (2017)

In Tate's second year, she made "the mistake" of going to Duke West. She took the Term 1 Social Psychology class, because Tate loves herself some psych. This was the favorite class she ever took at TiP, thanks mostly to the teacher, Cooblvoobn. On her very first day, she and her friends, both new and old, walked to the park and took pictures after checking in... they discovered upon return that they weren't supposed to do that.

Again, she did a top-notch TiPsync with her RAG. This time, to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" for which they all drew mustaches on their fingers. This performance won third place, and for a 2nd-year group, that is highly impressive. Her RAG (now called a RAG and NOT an RC group... apparently) this year also had eight girls and was very close. They could often be found doing Grandma Zumba or talking about Applewood Bacon Burgers. They made soap for one of their RAG nights which Tate still owns (2019). They also went to Frankie's Fun Park for their off-campus RAG Night (these would be ended the next year... but this was a great one to end on) here, Tate was captured in a now iconic photo in which her body is somehow completely diagonal... it's hard to explain. She also acquired a lobster stuffed animal which would be named Frankie after the establishment of his adoption.

In the first week, quite early on, Zoe (a friend from Tate's first-year RAG, also in the same RAG this year) convinced Tate to join her in trying crepes for breakfast. Tate is not known for trying new things, but she decided to brave it out. Upon arriving to the creperie, she discovered they had Nutella crepes and purchased one. Every day for the rest of term she had a Nutella crepe for breakfast (except on the weekend as they were closed) with a freshly-squeezed orange juice. Tate is now addicted to Nutella crepes and remembers them as one of the two reasons to go to West campus.

One of her spirit week outfits involved her wearing the entirety of her yellow, green, and purple beads. This was the first year in which her famous bead collection made an appearance. She was on the blue team for QuadFest. She wore a Duke Mom button on her lanyard that her first-year roommate bought her to symbolize both her reputation on campus and her close relationship to that roommate who wore a matching Duke Dad button later in the term.

She taught everyone about the joys of dipping fries and chicken nuggets into ice cream. Some people did not always appreciate this knowledge, but those people have no tastebuds. She participated in the talent show and sang "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen - a decision she mostly regrets.

Third Year (2018)

Tate realized her grave mistake and transferred over to Duke East Term 1, taking Philosophy in Literature and Film. She was one of the most chaotic people in the class, and was named the "least likely to exist"...it's self-explanatory. She was often a voice of reason, and was known for promoting her grandmother's YouTube channel, known simply as "The Mimi Channel." Tate didn't do a TiPsync this year. She also made a very poor RelationTiP decision. She sang, "Taylor the Latte Boy" at the talent show, and in the traditional fashion, was faced with technical difficulties. However, she felt that she did well on this performance and had redeemed herself from the year prior. At the end of the term, Tate was passed down the Yankee Hat relic by Angel Muse, which she re-named the Annabeth Chase Hat. She also wrote a very thorough information pamphlet about Duke East that can be found on the Duke East page.

Fourth Year (2019)

Her fourth year, Tate stayed at Duke East Term 1 and took Ethics and the Little White Lie. She brought an undeniable spirit to the fourth years, and taught Greenies all about all the things at East that didn't really make much sense, like Moonscream and the stranger tradition songs. In Ethics, she wanted everyone to know that we can't say a cheetah eating a rabbit is murder, because we don't know their societal norms. She wore her relic every single day and made it clear that she was proud to be a TiPster. Tate was a mom to all of us her fourth year! Her love for TiP and her respect for everyone are such incredible traits that ALL TiPsters should strive to have. Everyone at Duke East loves her very much. She was one of the 27 who attended the party in room 319 on the final night of the term.

She passed the Annabeth Chase hat to Anna Walker and is very confident in her decision. Anna will do great.

Family Lineage

Tate's family lineage begins very simply but quickly grows quite complicated. Tate was birthed collectively by her four parents, Noah Risley, Bo/Skippy VIII, Angel Muse, and Søren. They all raised her very well and prepared her to raise her own TiPsters. One of the first children Tate adopted was Anna Jones. Anna is also her sister by Noah, who birthed them both. Tate has many, many children and has often been referred to as a "TiP Mom." This is an incomplete list of Tate's children, and she hopes that any of her children not listed here please add themselves to the list.

  • Anna Jones
  • Kate Fultz
  • Amy B
  • Ava Roark
  • Ana Cunningham
  • Ana Walker
  • Layla Niblock
  • Malia Hall
  • Pixley
  • Penelope Steffen
  • Aarya
  • Arin
  • Liz
  • Lotte Chanter


  • Lily Martin (got an emancipation, Tate is FINE SHES JUST OVERDRAMATIC)

Tate was not only a part of the Great Duke East Wedding of 2019, but was part of the first proposal which led to the famous polyamorous wedding (see more on the Marriages TiPwiki page). Due to this wedding, she is married to Katherine N, Josh (who was a greenie at the time), Brooke, Katherine L, Maggie, Sam, Lily S, Shea, Braden, Alex L, Audrey, Jennifer, and Connor.

Fun Facts

  • Tate will probably tell you, at some point, about the gay penguins that adopted their own child.
  • She always does the most for Spirit Week, including but not limited to wearing an electric blue wig.
  • Tate is one of the nicest people in the entire world. Her hugs are God Tier and being around her is a joy
  • eyyyyy 2004 baBIES!
  • She has the ability to make everyone high off of her Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ (particularly and Lily Martin)
  • In almost every photo she’s in, a Tate Clemons Face Scrunch (TM) can be seen. It’s adorable and precious and she says she doesn’t do it in real life but she definitely does.
  • Tate's favorite tradition song is "It's the End of the World." At her very last dance in her 4th year she cried after "It's the End of the World" ended, this song change coincides with the beginning of "Iris" so many assumed she was crying about "Iris"... but they were very, very wrong.
  • Despite adopting multiple children, she is younger than many of them. We don't talk about that.
  • Tate is Queen of the Cotton-Eyed Joe and she reigns to this day.
  • Tate consistently listens to crack thoughts from her daughter Anna Jones, and contributes to them. Anna is forever thankful for this.
  • Tate managed to get placed in her her first-choice every one of her four years.
  • She doesn't like to talk about her acting career, but girl is an actress

Fourth Year Will

I, Tate Clemons, of coordinated mind and uncoordinated body, do hereby bequeath the following: to all Tipsters, I leave acceptance, home, and love. MY RAG: roses, buds, and thorns. KATHERINE L: a segway and my sweet, sweet lovin'. MAKAYLA: a bee farm and a business man’s dream. KATHERINE N: my whole heart. VICTORIA: tickets to Egypt and a bone. BROOKE: the stars and the moon. AUDREY: acceptance to clown college and a lifetime supply of string. MAXX: pixy stixx and Wattpad. GARRICK: a never-ending supply of maxi dresses. LILY S: a certain pelvic dance move. MAGGIE: fists for you to throw and dangerous circles. ETHICS: an understanding of the societal norms of cheetahs. KATE: acceptance into a fraternity. JOSH: dozens of happy marriages. LILY M: endless validation. AMY: the best 4th year ever. ANNA J: love and affection forever. RYAN: panties to replace all the ones you’ve dropped. GRACIE: the thought, use it wisely. ELIZABETH: beets and doorways to bump into. SKIPPY: a river of our collective tears from the dance and an invitation to join the snort-stopping task forces. JAMIE: the never performed 4th-year Wicked duet. LUCY SILVERMAN: a gold woman. AIDAN: the water fountain crack. ALEX L: a megaphone to tell the world about your abs through. LOTTE: the hope your smile stays with you forever. PENELOPE: the hope that you never lose your energy and charisma. ANA: all the hugs and kissy faces in the world. PIXLEY: strength and confidence. MALIA: my respect and the hope that you remain such an incredible leader. LAYLA: the knowledge that you are smarter than you can imagine and the 2020 TiP Duke East Pamphlet. ARIN: leadership and laughter. JUDE: credible sources. SCHMILL: fruit, vegetables, and 1000 Rice Krispy treats. ASHLEY: the ethics classroom and glances of confusion from across the room. LIZ: a lifetime supply of animal crackers. ALEX: enough books to real at every meal for a year. GREY: my autograph and infinite hugs. JACK: a river of plastic babies and endless confidence in yourself. COOBLVOOBIN: all of my thanks and a lead role in the next Marvel film. To the friends I have lost to other terms/campuses, I leave EAST IS BEAST.