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Angel Muse is honestly one of the nicest tipsters and truly lives in the spirit of TIP. She is overly enthusiastic about everything and is well known for not believing in Canada. She has been to four different campuses in her four years at TIP. Her third year, she took Philosophy of Knowledge at UGA. There she met her TIP best friend, Alisha Simmons (Who she calls Limon Simon for reasons unbeknownst to me). Their friendship started when, as Angel puts it, Alisha pushed her in front of a bus the first day.

At the end of TIP 2017, Angel received The Yankee Hat from William Giliberti at UGA.


  • Rollins Term 2 2015 - Psychology
  • Rice Term 1 2016 - Anthropology
  • UGA Term 1 2017 - Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - Philosophy of Film And Literature


  • Rollins Term 2 2015 - Haley's Group
  • Rice Term 1 2016 - Jenna's Group
  • UGA Term 1 2017 - Amina's Group
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - Wren's Group


Angel has had two crushes while at TIP, she also had a relationTIP her second year with a kid named Kevin, and her first year with a kid whose name she doesn't remember.

Notable Facts

  • Angel has lived in many different states during her time at TIP, so much that no one really knows where she lives
  • Angel graduated high school at 15
  • Angel's Birthday is usually in the first three days of term
  • Angel started a "bus church" her third year at UGA and passed down the "Popehood" to Emily Kitchens a year early
  • Angel has lost half of one(1) rice purity point at TIP
  • Angel played the role of Snoopy in the winning fourth year girls' tipsync
  • Angel brought a bright pink, glittery steering wheel to East this year absolutely no reason
  • Angel is currently starting a nonprofit with the one and only Noah Risley
  • Her unedited will cannot be found on the Fourth Year Will 2018 page