Lily Martin

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Lily Martin
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2019-2020
Course(s) Political Cultures and Counter Cultures
RAG(s) Hannah
Roommate(s) Penelope Steffen
Social Media

Third Year (Term 1 2019 East)

Lily’s nicknames include: Aggressive Gay (Lauren Watson and Brooke Huffman), Kiddo (Sam King and Brooke Huffman), Lulu/Lilio (Tate Clemons), Babygirl (Ryan Hess), Mom (Penelope Steffen and Layla Niblock), GIRL (Saranna Zhang), Wife (Josh Rubel)

This was Lily’s first year as a tipster, and suffice to say, she was very worried. Her roommate was the outstanding Penelope Steffen, whom Lily still loves with all of her heart and her RC was Hannah. She took Political Cultures and Counter Cultures (PCult) taught by Jessie Seago (Lily is salty that she never got to meet Karl). Lily had a little bit of trouble making friends due to the fact that she is constantly afraid of pissing people off, though, after the first week, she had found an amazing group. She was in a trio with Saranna Zhang and Kavi Pandya, two amazing people. Saranna Zhang absolutely owns Lily's heart and made her cry from laughter, joy, and sadness many a time. She was one of the first people at camp to tell Lily that she loved her, and Lily doesn't know what she would have done without her. Saranna encouraged her to go out more, always kept her updated on the tea, always hugged her, and always loved her. Kavi is quite possibly the sassiest and funniest person Lily has ever come across. She yelled at Lily to stop sitting on the Alspaugh bench reading by herself but she would also text her and FaceTime her late at night to make sure she was okay after particularly emotional nights. The three of them almost always sat together at meals and Lily busted open their doors a fair amount of times in an attempt to force them to hang out with her, much to the dismay of both of their roommates. Saranna was unable to return for her fourth year and as of July 2019 it is uncertain of whether or not Kavi will return. During this term, Lily had the absolute privilege of being adopted by 10 people (you can still adopt her whenever you want). She has seven Camp Moms, all of whom she loves dearly and cries about on the regular. In order of adoption, her moms are: Brooke Huffman (The Pastorship and Moonscream), Katherine “The Vodka Aunt” Nikolich, Tate Clemons (The Yankee Hat) - EMANCIPATED, Katherine Lawson (Fairy Wings), Maggie Randle, Lucy Colangelo (The Book of Dev), and Lauren Watson (Sockeisha). Her Camp Dads are Garrick Reeder, Sam King, and Daddy Jah (Greyson).

Over term, it is undeniable that the people she got closest to were Brooke Huffman, Tate Clemons, Katherine “The Vodka Aunt” Nikolich, Saranna Zhang, Kavi Pandya, and Jordan Rein. After term had ended, she got much closer to Ryan Hess and Audrey Goff. Lily had her first real conversation with Brooke on like the third day of camp and the rest is history. Lily and Brooke spent many a day and many a night hand in hand or arm in arm, usually talking about all of Brooke’s troubles. It was also an unspoken rule that it was mandatory that Lily cuddle with Brooke during the class cuddle puddles. Their closeness got to the point that at least two people thought they were dating (gross), and almost everyone was convinced that Lily was hopelessly in love with her (she wasn't). The eight listed above literally know just about as many secrets as Lily has and she trusts them all with her life. Brooke and Lily had a bit of a rough patch (family disagreements over Lily's decision to retire the Pastorship, one of Brooke's relics) but they're all good now.


Lily's parents are all listed above, and her grandparents are all of her relic holder parents' parents. Lily is a sister to all of the children adopted by all of her parents, so that’s a lot. She doesn’t know how many there are and she doesn’t really care enough to do the math. So far, she has adopted Layla Niblock and Penelope Steffen (her old roommate, so that’s kinda weird).

Fun Facts

  • Lily is younger than most of her third year children because she skipped a grade (let’s go 2005 kids!).
  • Lily has been out as a lesbian since Summer 2017.
  • Lily’s Dad, Alan, is a PCult 2019 legend. He is famous for his Mood Indigo Soaps ad (it’s on YouTube, watch it), and loved by many. He sent in one bar of soap for every kid in Lily’s class so everyone sang “Lily’s Dad” whilst holding their soaps.
  • The previously mentioned “Lily’s Dad” is just “Stacy’s Mom” with some of the lyrics changed. This wasn’t Lily’s doing at all, she swears. It was sung most often by Brooke Huffman and Lucy Colangelo. At the dances, many of the fourth years would gather around Lily and scream the lyrics of “Lily’s Dad” at her during “Stacy’s Mom.”
  • Contrary to popular belief, Lily never once had (and never will have) a thing for Brooke Huffman, how dare you. This is actually one thing that upsets Brooke very much, which amuses Lily to no end. However, her other mothers are another story... (Tate I swear to god you don’t need to expose me -Lily)
  • Her Favorite Tradition songs are “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” and “Vamos a la Playa.”
  • Lily is a fraternal twin! Her brother, Logan, never has and never will attend TIP. She's the brains and he's the brawn.
  • Lily is scared of all females and will constantly ask if she is invading your personal space, making you uncomfortable, or accidentally groping you.
  • Lily and Katherine Nikolich went to private school together for half a year.
  • Tate, Katherine Nikolich, and Lily all live in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
  • She loves The Vampire Diaries because it's fun to watch Straight People.
  • She had a destination wedding in Italy with Katherine “The Vodka Aunt” Nikolich, her third mom.
  • Lily has had several TiPUnions (as of January 2020). Most of these have been with Katherine Nikolich and Tate Clemons. The three of them try to hang out as much as possible. She flew to Missouri during Winter Break of 2019 and stayed with the Huffmans for a few days. Lots of snuggling was involved. They also went and watched the Cats Movie.
  • Lily went to 2019 Charlotte Pride with Tate Clemons and a friend from home
  • Anna Jones dubbed October to be "Bully Lily October" because it's apparently really easy to bully her.
  • Lily was bullied on the TiP group chap to the point that she bought a whole snuggie after defending a firm anti-snuggie stance.
  • Lily has a Supergirl problem and watches it almost religiously. Every week she (usually tearfully because of how the season is going) gives Tate a recap of what has happened, despite the fact that Tate never has and likely never will watch it.
  • Lily is in love with Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor on the previously mentioned Supergirl) and has made it her life's goal to watch everything she's ever been in. This includes that one Hozier music video and the Netflix original.


  • “I’m the lesbian fairy godmother.”
  • *dies* (Due to her unfortunate habit of choking on literally anything, this exact quote was written on the Quote Board for her class her third year)
  • “Michelle Obama could tell me stabbing myself was the most important meal of the day and I’d do it.”
  • “I’m a sturdy bottom.” (This was said on accident and repeated numerous times by RAG member Trinity Powell)
  • “You can’t use Jewish comedians to wiggle your way out of this one.”
  • “I’m drinking my pity kombucha please let me live.”
  • “I was an Oompa Loompa in a community production of Willy Wonka. I’m an actress too.” (To Tate Clemons)
  • “RCs are just the ghosts from Luigi’s Haunted Mansion.”
  • “Cool kids have four parental figures because their family is nonexistent and all over the place.”
  • “Homie, I hate the Medline. I swear to God, Della and I are tight, why can’t I just yeet in and yeet out.”
  • “You weren’t expecting that saucy take now were you?”
  • “Prostitutes built the entire Midwest. Remember that when someone calls you a sl*t.”
  • “I can name three people here I would immediately throw a sandal at.”
  • “They fly just as well as penguins.”
  • “I will never stop unironically saying ‘bruh.’ They can pry bruh from my cold dead gay overdramatic hands.”
  • “Today I casually told my RAG I’ve cried every day since I’ve been here and they’re all concerned.”
  • “I’ve been in a constant state of jealousy, anger, entitlement, sadness, confusion, and loneliness for three days.”
  • “*whispers* lobotomy”
  • "Jason doesn't have a new car, Jason has schizophrenia. You diagnosed him wrong the first time and are now being sued for thousands of dollars." (Brooke Huffman and Lily use the same AP Psych textbook and were comparing problems from their teachers. Brooke's teacher presented a problem about a guy named Jason who ran down the hallway bragging about his new car.)