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Lauren “Lorena” Watson is a fourth year fourth year. She attended Davidson Term 1 2016 where she met Shelby Balmer which would spark a friendship to last four years. Unfortunately, Lorena was waitlisted for East Term 2, so she had to attend Rice Term 2 in 2017. However, it resulted her being in the best class ever (Global Policy) and in her meeting Darya and Lucy (The Book of Dev). She then attended East Term 1 in 2018 where she met Taylor Krick (Sockeisha) and was reunited with Shelby Balmer. She got to be roommates with Megan Vaz (The Pimp Robe) and THE Alex the Great. She is incredibly thankful for her religious experience. However, the greatest bond that Lorena ever made was with Taylor Krick during her time during RevT. Taylor took Lorena under her wing where they both showed eachother true “horsegirl” spirit. Taylor Krick passed down Sockeisha to her daughter on stage as both of them cried. Going into fourth year, Lauren asked to be called Lorena since that’s what her closest friends called her. She currently is aspiring to be an Admiral in the USCG and is taking PCULT. Lorena gained massive bbo energy her fourth year which resulted in her snatching Connor Deagle (The Pink Shirt) and leading Vamos a La Playa on the top of the stairs. Lorena passed down Sockeisha to Ava Roark on stage whilst crying. She then immediately called Taylor, whilst crying. At Denny’s, Yaya married Lorena in order to become Ava’s step-mom. Despite her being a known rule-follower, Lorena participated in The Party in Room 319 on her last night as her first rule broken at TiP.

Family Lineage

Lorena is a part of the Sockeisha family line. This means that Stef is her great-great-grandmother, Grace is her great-grandmother, Lizzie is her grandmother, Taylor is her mother, and Ava is her daughter. Due to Lizzie being the Blazemistress to the second Blazemaster, Lorena is a part of the “Blazefam.” This makes Ethan her grandfather, Reece her uncle, Garrick her cousin, KT her first cousin once removed, Will Snider her uncle, Sam King her cousin, and Katherine Lawson her cousin. In addition, Taylor also adopted a second daughter, Sydney, who is the aunt to Ava. Lorena also adopted Lily Martin, which makes things REALLY complicated sense EVERYONE adopted Lily Martin. At Denny’s, Lorena married YaYa Kagiliery (), making Yaya Ava’s step-mom. Lorena was also in a relationtip with Connor Deagle, which might make him Ava’s father, but that’s pretty unclear. Yaya and Lorena share Ava (almost equally) since Ava is both the holder of Sockeisha and The Pink Stilettos. Although, let it be clear that Ava is Lorena’s biological daughter, whilst Yaya married in.

Final Will

Here I am. In zebra body and Maluma moment mind, I am going to give y’all stuff. To Katherine N, I give you my last name. You deserve the entire world, and men ain’t treat you right so I guess I gotta. To Brooke Huffman, I give us eternal friendship. No matter how different we are, I never want to lose our 11:30 FaceTimes. To Katrina, I once again give you all of my good days. You deserve them. To Yaya, I guess I’ll share my daughter with you. I guess, but only because you love me. Also a ring because we’re getting married to share custody of Ava. To Megan, I’m giving you every bit of strength that I gained third year. I give you the strength to recognize when feelings get to be too much. To Shelby, I give you the four years of friendship we never really had. I will get a plane and fly to you every second I get. To Lucy, I’ll give you one UT thing I own. Also, I’ll give you the time that it’ll take my mom to let me go to ACL. To Lily Smith, I give all my beauty. You’re ridiculously gorgeous so you don’t need it. To Maddie, I’ll give you a hug because we honestly needed to have more. To John, I give my eternal friendship. To Ryan, I’ll give you my address and an invite to my birthday party. Let’s go to FMSC. To Shea, I give you my clarinet. Actually no, you can’t have Dany. But you can maybe like touch her once or twice. To Greyson, I’ll give you my swing set. Please never close the playground. To Audrey, my best moments at Rice. To Maxx, my guest pass at the admiral’s club. To Global Policy, Jill Stein. To PCULT, the title of “admiral.” Thank you for supporting my dreams. To Saranna, the ability to come back next year. To Kavi, a bright smile everyday. Never lose that happiness. To Evelyn, I give you myself. You can do it. To Grey, I’m still giving you my love for the arts. Love the arts. To Alessandro, every Spanish word that I know incorrectly. To Carolina, you know what I gave you. Take care of it, alright? To Lily, do what I told you. To Connor, I’m taking back my crocs, but I give you every good memory that you gave me in our time together. Thank you, dumb blonde, and always remember valar morhgulis. To Taylor Krick and Lizzie Wright, I hope I fulfilled your legacy. I did my best. I hope I was a quirky enough horsegirl for the both of you. Thank you for putting me on this path. I can’t thank you enough. To Ava, I leave you their legacy. I leave you Stef, Grace, Lizzie, Taylor, and myself. We’re yours now. You three duties: lead Vamos a La Playa, be quirky, and find that third year that makes your year. Do it for me.

Epic Fun Facts

•Lorena and Josh were born twelve hours apart in the same hospital, dubbing themselves “interracial twins”

•Lorena wants to be a cheerleader for the USNA or the USCGA

•Despite being a Navy fan, Lorena will always say #SinkEm for the Air Force v Navy Game

•Lorena had a boyfriend for TWO YEARS which is why she had no relationtips her second year or her third year

•Lorena claims she is bad at the clarinet but she is performing at Chamber Music Nationals 2020

• She is most likely in love with Ryan Hess

•Also The Cone

•Had a Tipunion birthday party at Feed My Starving Children with Ryan, Taylor, Maxx, and Shelby along with her regular hometown friends (some of them did not mix well together)

•Part of


First Year: Justin (but also Josh which was a fat L)

Second Year: Her awful Ex

Third Year: Her awful Ex

Fourth Year: Connor Deagle