The Pimp Robe

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The Pimp Robe is a tradition started by Joe Gettinger in 2004.

It is a green bath robe, originally worn by Joe to the last dance. He was THE PIMP, so he desided to pass it down to an equal pimp. He also stated in his speech that he felt the guys were left out of hand me down tradition.

The Wearer of the Pimp Robe is considered to be "Mr. TIP" or the rising fourth-year boy who most embodies TIP. However, the robe has had female Wearers in recent history.

The Wearer must wear the Pimp Robe to all TiP dances and must bear the scorching heat. The robe has not been washed since 2007 and must never be washed.

In 2015, Will Meynardie was named the official 1-2-1-1 guy, to lead all the TIPsters in the 1-2-1-1 dance, although it was first popularized by Andrew Toale. Instead of making this its own relic, he decided to add this on to the Pimp Robe. The Wearer of the Pimp Robe must lead the rest of the camp in the 1-2-1-1 dance during Every Time We Touch and Sandstorm. In 2019, an incident occurred when during the first 1-2-1-1 dance of the term, the Wearer’s entire titty fell out. #rip #neverforget

In the pockets of the robe, special supplies can be found, including a 100 Jamaican dollar bill gifted to Megan Vaz by Skippy in 2019.

Bonus Fact: Donald Moratz served as Jack Swansey's RC at his first year of TIP (2012) in Davidson. It was by this method that Swansey first learned of the existence of the mythical robe

Wearers of the Pimp Robe

*Was to receive the robe, but did not return to TIP.
Year Wearer
2004 Joe Gettinger
2005 Izzy Bethel*/Alex Marden
2006 Brandon Clark
2007 Donald Moratz
2009 Tucker Owen
2010 Bennett Cook
2011 Arthur Rizavi
2012 Jack Warman
2013 Neil "Mocha/Jesus 2.0" Nathan
2014 Stanton Geyer/Conrad Paetz (week 3)
2015 Jack Swansey
2016 Will Meynardie
2017 Scott Johnson*/Kiri Ashley
2018 Dayne Ware
2019 Megan Vaz
2020 George Wilkerson