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The name Skippy is a TIP Relic at Duke East that gets passed down every year to a rising fourth year.


The name Skippy started with a TA named Mel Weyant who, in 2005, nicknamed a random second year (Jessie Tanner) in her class Skippy. According to Harry Adams, Mel seemed to pick the weirdest looking second year who she thought would slack off the most. The nickname stuck and that is how the first skippy was formed. Skippy (Jessie Tanner) kept his name all throughout his tip years .After Skippy's (Jessie Tanner) fourth year, Mel named a new second year skippy (unknown) and the tradition continued until 2013, when Mel didn't return to duke east (she was helping to set up tip in China). At that point, Skippy the 3rd (Harry Adams) was a fourth year and decided he wanted the tradition to continue so he decided to pass down the name himself, which he then presented at the talent show, where he passed down the name to a rising fourth year named Travis Williams. From then on, the name Skippy was passed down from skippy to skippy as a fourth year relic.


The name Skippy has symbolized many things throughout the years but it has come to form a specific personality. Skippy represents a person who is not afraid to be themselves and make everybody feel extremely awkward, often with badly timed sexual jokes, but at the same time is very welcoming toward everybody and is always someone you can talk to about anything. Skippy has also always been a very social and loud person who is often heard from the other side of campus.

Other facts

  • the skippy is typically good friends with the holder of the fairy wings (Ariel/Travis in 2014, Katie/Duco in 2015, Maggie/Alex in 2016, and Bo/Will in 2018)
  • the skippy is often an MC for the talent show
  • the skippy always takes part in the traditional fourth years boys tip sync and wears a pair of sparkly girls sorts
  • there is a leather purse that gets passed down with the name that is filled with random objects and every skippy may take one item and leave another behind. Also in the purse is a hair bow that must be worn on wear what you want Wednesday as well as carrying around the purse


Year Owner
2005 - 2007 Jessie Tanner
2008 - 2010  ?
2011 - 2013 Harry Adams (first one to pass it down)
2014 Travis Williams
2015 Duco van der Beek
2016 Alex Walls
2017 Kolya Souvorin
2018 Bo Brindell
2019 Shea Seufert