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A Blonde Capitalist

YaYa Kagiliery
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016-
Course(s) Business Beyond the Lemonade Stand, Political Cultures and Counter Cultures, Revolution and Terror
RAG(s) TK, Jackie, Megan
Roommate(s) Maddy, Adrea, Shane
Social Media

YaYa is certainly a name around TIP (primarily because no one can spell/pronounce it). She has been at tip the last three years where she has loved every minute. She plays ultimate (like every other tipster), enjoys eating ramen in the dorms, and discuss Karl Marx every time the opportunity arrises.

Wake Forest 2016, Term 2

YaYa's first year at tip was an experience. She took Business Beyond the Lemonade Stand and was a part of TK's rag. She and her roommate, Maddy, could be found eating popcorn and watching classic 80's movies at all hours of the night. In this year, YaYa was frequently referred to as a make up icon. Thankfully, she later learned to blend and color match. One of her proudest moments at Duke was the make over she gave her TA, Peter, and a RA, Henry. Each had a smokey eye and wore a little black dress (from Yaya's closet). Her class was fantastic and she made many friends. Notably Brooke Huffman and Sarah Shultz. Brooke and YaYa became queens of the rag when the created one of the best tip syncs EVER to Beyonce "Who Run The World (Girls)". Relationtips included Cringy Gingy (Ryan), and Will Hodge. Though the gritty details of this term escape YaYa, it was a great one.

Duke East 2017, Term 1

In her second year, YaYa attended Duke East. She took Political Culture and Counter Culture and had a blast. Notable friends from that term included Sadie Siegel, Ani Russell, Dayne Ware, Jack Bryan (Big Tex), and Karlyn Simcox. This class was arguably one of the best offered and gave YaYa her first opportunity to read The Communist Manifesto. She enjoyed arguing with TA, Jackson, and quoting instructor Karl. In rag news, YaYa was in Jackie's rag and roomed with a Adrea (a curly headed cutie who was actually at Wake term one with her. The two did not meet until their second year). One of her best friend was in her rag, a shout out to Sophia Pan. Again, YaYa was a make up icon, responsible for many looks worn to dances by her rag mates. YaYa became a part of Basset Bros, along with Ryan Hess (a doll) and Brooke Huffman (a wonderful human). This year YaYa met her her absolutions BEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WORD, KATRINA CSAKY. They met playing frisbee (classic). This year was also the year YaYa tried out for the staff student frisbee game and did not make the team :(. Her main relationtip was Benoit Cambournac. Post tip 'interactions' were had, however it is best if neither party mentions that.

Duke East 2018, Term 1

YaYa had a wonderful third year. Her absolute squad included Katrina Cskay, Sydney Rendahl, Trinity Thompson, and Sarah Shultz. Other bros included Cash. Connor, Liam, and Joseph. This was the year YaYa took Revolution and Terror. This was the best class ever and turned out many memories including her teacher, Josh, pretending to smash her TA, Cathrine, over the head with a metal bottle in order to demonstrate Rousseau's state of man. What a fantastic class. This class led her to meet the lovely Alex Tiatia, another dear friend. This year, YaYa got good at ultimate frisbee, making both Dream Team and Wet Dreams. YaYa lived it up with her friends, dubbed the ass eaters, and really just had a good time. YaYa's rag was Megan, where the iconic phrase 'Get Paid, get Laid, Gatorade' and 'Fuck Bitches, get Money, Rinse, Repeat' was coined. Thank you Brooke Huffman and Lucy Colangelo. YaYa roomed with Shane and had a blast goofing off with her. This year, YaYa was on the frisbee team Dream Team and Wet Dreams. Unfortunately, the staff student game (Wet Dreams) was cancelled due to weather. Her relationtip was Jack Bryan (Big Tex). Though Tex was deemed a greenie lover, YaYa was his absolute favorite greenie and he could be found playing frisbee with her, Creighton Tisdale, and Alex Tiatia. He taught her how to flick a frisbee and gifted her a disk at the end of both her second and third year. Big Tex and YaYA still talk today. This was a good ass year and YaYa loved every minute of it. Her best friend, Trinity Thompson was selected as the 2019 recipient of the Pink Stilletos, but chose to give them to YaYa when she decided to not return to camp.

Just a note from her best friend (aka Kat)


Duke East 2019, Term 1

Last one best one! YaYa held the 2019 . She took Global Conflict; International Relations and loved it. She took this with Lily Smith (who she has taken the past 3 years with) Shelby Balmer, Emma Peters, and A.C. AC was her best friend this term (out side of Katrina of course). He was a dorky French dude who hated revolutions and unfortunately had a girlfriend back home. She played on and this year. The students beat the staff 31-0 and water colors tied dream team. YaYa started both games. She had a blast dancing and having fun with all the other fourth years. Though censored, their doctor doctor was hysterical and YaYa choreographed (with the help of many others) a winning tipsync to a remix of the Jonas Brothers! YaYa was also apart of The Party in Room 319. At the end of a fantastic term, YaYa passed her relic to Ava Roark. It was one hell of a ride, she will miss it dearly.


YaYa was the 2019 holder, so she became a part of the line of historically kick ass women on East. She has been Katrina’s platonic lesbian lover since their second year. But after she and Lauren Watson passed their relics on to Ava Roark, Lauren and YaYa married in the Denny’s in the last night. YaYa is Ava’s stepmom.

Fourth Year Will

I, YaYa Kagiliery, of completely insane mind and hot pink body hereby leave to the following; 2017 PCULT; yawps, oak trees, MacBeth and all that it entails, fried chicken (especially if it's from a pocket), phenomenal legs, and of course, Kengis Khan. To T REV: I give you proletariat revolutions, communist memes, a bi icon, a guillotine, all my love, and the eternal belief that you will all do amazing things. To Tyler; I leave you the personal growth that I know you will experience, I leave you a bad boy but a good man. I give you a spot on wet dreams and my frisbee skills. I finally also give you the password to Jack’s my eye’s only. Be good. To Jamie; I leave you the good sense to choose right and wrong and many frisbee skills, use it all well. To Ava; I leave you my relic and the responsibility it brings. I give you the ability to take things to heart and to let them roll off your back. I grant you the wisdom to know when to do either. I leave you leadership and class, and the best fourth year you could ever want, I know you will do great things. Be good (not too good) and spend your time wisely. To Nushana; I leave all that nasty shit and Chris. To Arnav; I leave American food, particularly corndogs. To Anna; I leave lots of love and your authentic self. You are amazing sweet girl and I cannot wait to see who you become. To Sydney; I leave you the fact that you and Emma will be the last kids on campus who remember REVT, you remember our jokes, our conversations, and that amazing class. I leave you the most wonderful 4th year and all the inside jokes, love, and success. To Emma; I leave you the stewardship of REVT and an amazing 4th year. Love as much as you can and make as many friends as possible! You are such a sweet girl and I hope that never changes! To Shelby; I leave you the ability to bend AC’s will to your own, politics and agreement, a 1.5 hour drive and all tipunions we can have. I will definitely see you soon. To Andrew; I leave you your sweet smile and cute dimples! You are such a good guy and my only regret is not getting to know you better and sooner. I leave you a spot on Water Colors and Wet Dreamz! Never change, sweet boy. To Brooke: I leave you the most amazing life with all the positivity you can handle, I leave you our four year glow up and all that we have learned about ourselves and each other, I give you all my love and Beyonce, and lucky charms. To Maggie; I leave you all the unopened doors, yelling at greenies, Southern Culture, and the complicated geopolitics that it entails. I also leave you the wish that we had become friends sooner. I love you very much and I am so lucky to have gotten to spend these short three weeks with you. To Lorena: I leave you TRev and quickness, long nails, all the noises that anyone can make and I leave you the ability to move on from what hurts you and to embrace your future which is so so bright. To Billy: I leave you angry rants of the field, your fifth year, sweeping and flipping eights and bad timing. To Alex Titia: I leave you all my frisbee dubs, late night ramen, letters, self medicating, the word ‘hun,’ therapy, and the good sense that the good lord gave you. Thank you for teaching my the importance of quick wit and the power of silence. To Sarah; I leave you all our first year memories and the car that you’ve bought. I loved getting to know you and I wish you all the best. To Sydney: I leave you Jack and Dayne, as well as getting that dick. To Natalia; I leave you all the late night coffee you can drink and a clean roommate. To Adrea; I leave you curly hair, makeup, and utter confidence. To Will; I leave our many interesting times and conversations, our personal growth, frisbee, height, the hope that one day timing may work out, hand grenades, and the belief that you deserve well. Thank you for teaching me a lot about myself and even more about others. More than all else I appreciate the opportunity to practice the sense that the good lord gave me. Thank you and I wish you the best. To Sam; I leave you a good beard and a tan. Thanks for all the frisbees, I appreciate the time. All the best. To John; I leave you 7 on 8 frisbee games and the patience to deal with the greenies. To Creighton: I leave you a girlfriend and being a fetus, thanks for all the games, my dude. To Kathrine: I give you the dummy thichest of them all. To Greyson: I leave a phenomenal flick and a thick ass. To Maxx; I give you rompers, wall twerking, snorting pixie sticks, long frisbee games, and herpes To Milye: I leave you the best fourth year roommate ever, breakfast, popsicle deep throating, the regret that we didn’t meet earlier, and that eternal smile of yours. To Skippy: I leave you our slow dance, titties, a lower rice purity score, frisbee skills, a woah in times of sadness, and the charisma I know you have. To AC; I leave you incorrect first impressions, a 54 on the rice purity test, school parking lots, french rap, my country music, Yahlok, little finger waves, purple flowers, my camera roll, the dingy bowling alley, archetypal tipsters, a girlfriend back home, bad timing, a spot on wet dreamz, my three pointer, my ankles, a picture of that same house, a hickey, Yee Yee, a kink, vanilla, Bird Box, and the hope that you will do great things. Stay away from crack, embrace your future, and know that I am happy to have gotten to know you. In a last ditch effort, I also leave you emotional attachment, to anyone or thing, solely to prove to you that it is possible. You are one of the few people I will truly miss from this term. Timing is a bitch my friend. To Jack (Big Tex); I leave you all the hammer throughs and frisbee moments, the “easy baby”s in a thick southern accent, the state of Texas, and Tyler. I leave you show choir and all the Broadway shows you can handle. I leave you Georgetown, my vote for whatever election you enter, the internal sense of optimism I’ve developed, and your utter gift with words. I give you someone who supports you and understands the greater things you are destined for. I leave you the shirts and frisbees you’ve given me and the hope that one day I’ll see you again. When I think of people who have made me who I am, your names comes up. Thank you for all that you have taught me. I leave you plane tickets to come visit me and all my love in it’s most twisted form. To Katrina, my love; There is so much I want to give you but I know I will not be able to write it all now. First, I leave you my frisbee skills and hoops, I give you a sub 7:30 2K and a scholarship to Columbia, I will see you there. I leave our countless house parties and rants, our love of tip and your intense passion in all that you do. I leave you our third year squad, Sophia Pan, and platonic lesbians. I give you each and every frisbee you have dropped and every picture Seth has ever sent me. Your eternal sense of optimism amazes me and I hope you never lose that. I will miss you more than you know. I leave you the most amazing life and all the good that this world has to offer because I know that you deserve it. You will do great things my dear friend and I can’t wait to see it all. I will see you again, and I will always be here for a laugh, a tear, whatever life throws at us. I may not be with you, but I will always be here for you I love you sweet girl. To anyone I forgot; Please know that I love you all so very much and I have come to say that I feel the most myself around you. I apologize for any wrongs and celebrate the laughs, Each and everyone of you has impacted me in ways I cannot begin to describe. We have such bright futures ahead, so chin up my friends. Let the tears fall and the smiles last, the future is bright. Look up, but never back. I love you. To the greenies; It hits different in orange. Enjoy every damn moment because it doesn’t last. Love fast, dive head first, and forgive quickly. You have just 12 short weeks here, so spend them wisely. Yesterday, I was an over eager first year taking on Wake Forest. I now sit with an orange lanyards with a week and a half left to go till my time with you all is up. There is a certain sadness to the end of this time in my life, just as there is sadness in all ends. But, my young friends, there is also great hope. Hope for what comes next, hope for the future. So if we were friends or not, if you liked me or not, my hope is not only in my future but also in yours. Hold on to your time here and cherish it but do not dwell. Live in the moment and take it all in. It goes by much too fast and soon you will be left only with snapchat streaks, tshirts, and memories. Make it all count and love a lot It hits different in orange, wear the color well.

Fun Facts

  • Lives in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Loves ultimate frisbee
  • Would eat ramen for every meal if at all possible
  • Survived Third year by drinking chai tea lattes and eating ass (figurative)
  • Has read the communist manifesto twice
  • Rows (like every other person at camp)
  • likes Country Music


  • "Some times it really do be like that"
  • "Maybe Cengis Khan wasn't that bad of a guy"
  • "I have phenomenal legs"
  • "Hello, can I eat your ass?"
  • "Wow, this place is a dump"
  • "THIS IS THE PROLETARIAT REVOLUTION!!! YOU ARE BETTERING YOURSELF FOR THE PEOPLE *aggressively squatting, hard rock music blares, candy is thrown"