Ava Roark

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Ava Roark will be a third year fourth year in 2020 and will have spent three years on the East campus during term 1. She took PILF in 2018 and RevT in 2019. She is very well known for her friendship with Jo which started in 2018 on the first day. Along with Liz, Lilly, Lorena, and Carolina. Lorena spent most of her free time with Ava during 2018, and would later give Ava Sockeisha, making Ava Lauren Watson’s daughter. Ava would also receive The Hot from YaYa Kagiliery, making Ava the first person to have a sock and shoe. Lorena and Yaya got married on order to share equal custody of Ava on the last night.

Fun Facts

  • Ava’s sister (via Lauren Watson) is Lily Martin
  • Ava is one of the best people in the entire world. She left an important meeting early with Jordan Rein () to check in with Lily when she was having a panic attack after the 2019 Talent Show. You should trust Ava with your entire life.
  • Ava came up with the overwhelming majority of the Third Years’ Chant during the 2019 Quadfest (which was the winning chant). It goes as follows:

“Green is the color of the grass and leaves, second and fourth years: Get on your knees! *pause for claps* GET OUT OF MY SWAMP *pause for more claps* SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME...”

  • Ava is extremely hardworking and dedicated. It’s so easy to see her love for TIP (and her moms). There’s no one in her year who deserved the more and we all know she’ll do a great job. She’s a natural leader who makes everyone feel safe, heard, and loved.
  • She keeps all of your secrets and will hear all of your tea IMMEDIATELY please and thank you


In 2018, they knew of each other, but didn’t become friends until 2019. They didn’t talk on move in day, but around the first day of class, they began to talk because Carolina complimented Ava’s necklaces. After that moment, they were practically inseparable. They bonded over their hopes and dreams for the term before them and their photoshoot at the Freedom Tunnel. Ava did Carolina’s hair for the first and second dance. She helped her make her toga for Toga Tuesday. Carolina made Ava chamomile tea every night, despite their RC telling her she was only allowed to make it for herself. She also made Ava green tea in the morning when Ava got sick. After the beginning of the second week they got all their evening activities together and even their Quadfest activity. Every night before Moonscream, they made Mac and Cheese or Ramen together in the kitchen. It was famously called “Mac and Cheese Time”. They also tried to eat dinner together at the high tables, despite their RC never wanting to let them. One memorable moment was the first Sunday. They spent that Sunday on Pegram bench, watching frisbee on the quad and talking about how good it was to be back home. On the second Saturday, they went Go Cart Racing at Wheels, and Carolina drove. They were described as “a mom and her minivan and her baby screaming out the window”. For their last Rag Night, they went to Whole Foods and Carolina drove Ava around in a cart until they were told to stop by a Whole Foods employee. Carolina borrowed Ava’s dress for the last dance. They watched the Talent Show together from the seats above, and by the end of the night, both ended up with two relics. That night, they had a successful sleepover in Carolina’s room with Liz, because Carolina didn’t have a roommate anymore. The three of them promised each other this wouldn’t be their last sleepover.