Jordan Rein

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Jordan Rein
Moose is the one in the dress :)
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) LSU, Duke East
Attended 2017-present
Course(s) Debate, Modern Medicine, RevT
RAG(s) Jasmine, Larissa, Kimberley
Roommate(s) Ella, Karen, Lotte
Social Media

Third Year

Just kinda got bullied by people but oh well (This was written by Sam King, the moose that bullied her smh my head). Regardless, she absolutely adored her first year at East and made a ton of friends, all of whom she loves dearly.

(Imagine getting bullied by someone but then copying their slang)

-This post was made by MooseGang

A Note From Lily Martin

I met Jordan really late into the First 2019 Term at Duke East. Seriously, it was like three or four days until the end of TiP until I uttered anything to her. Despite this, she starting draping herself over me immediately along with a variety of other forms of physical affection. I’m touch-starved so this worked out great for me. She’s one of the chillest people I’ve ever met, hence , and she’s an actual blessing from Jah. She’s kind and smart and sweet and funny. We seem to have the exact same sense of humor and I’ve appreciated any and all of the interactions I’ve had with her. Except for one. One time I asked Jordan to get me a normal flavor of Snapple from the East Campus Store and she saunters over to me with a bag containing STRAWBERRY KIWI SNAPPLE. It tasted like butt and I will never stop hating her. She came with Ava Roark to check in with me whilst I was having a panic attack after the 2019 Talent Show and she’s like 1/5 people that calls me. I love you, you stupid Colorado Clutz. Thanks for hugs and validation. Long live the touch-starved gays throughout the entirety of our endeavors.


  • “Elderly is a state of being” (This was said to Lily Martin because Lily wanted to sleep and Jordan said this despite being like two years older than her but go off I guess)
  • “Dark chocolate and linguine”