Revolution and Terror

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Term I 2007 Class Picture

Revolution and Terror, as it was commonly known, is formally listed as "Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics." It was formerly known simply as Controversial Politics, but for some reason they changed the name. It is an awesome class offered at East. Since 2005 it has been taught by Andrew Sparling. The TA for terms I and II 2007 and 2008 is Will Harris. In 2012, and apparently in years previous, Eric Oakley has taught the course, and his T.A. in 2012 Term 1 was Matt Cole. (To whom a shrine has been erected in the back of the class).

Some common events include:

  • Watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes
  • Reading things that prohibit us from getting US green cards
  • Learning that the government isn't always right
  • Being scared by quite a few movies (including ones in which British school children got chopping up by a meat grinder)
  • Learning French
  • learning Cyrillic
  • learning German
  • learning Greek
  • Not watching V for Vendetta
  • Recieving $3000 pencils
  • aMurrrrrrrrrrica!
  • RevvvvvvvvvT!
  • taking a liking to Pink Floydd
  • Frequently saving the world/trying to...
  • massively inflating TIPsters egos as they realize they are now more informed and consequently, cynical, than everyone else they know.

notes that the picture is not of the class He was in. Change it immediately or risk devine retribution!