The Cone

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If you participated in this event, it is the most important event that will ever happen to you. One day, a wonderful and blessed day, RC Max decided that he wanted to have a “Nature Walk” as an evening activity. And thus, at 7:30, they disembarked. At first, the group went to the freedom tunnel, where some of the girls went up on a scary ledge to take pictures and there was a dead squirrel at some point. The fourth years, then BEGGED to go to the gazebo. RC Max agreed because he was a good RC, and they began their nature walk through the wooded area to the gazebo. They also passed the evening activity “kickball” but they are unimportant to the story. Once at the gazebo, the fourth years made a joke that none of the greenies could enter, and the greenies took it seriously whoops. HOWEVER, the second the group entered the gazebo, it became very apparent that there was an attractive orange CONE in the middle. Why was this cone here? Why did it look so appealing? The group all stared at it with very hungry eyes as RC Max told stories about his youth at TiP. The story seemed innocent enough until Brooke said: “[Redacted] the cone” and Katherine agreed at which she said: “[Redacted] the cone.” I mean, we were all thinking it so… However, RC Max immediately became concerned as he realized we were bound to three ENTIRE WEEKS of celibacy and the fact that the cone was so ATTRACTIVE. The group then began to play truth or dare, to which Skippy dared Brooke to [Redacted] the cone. Brooke was READY and attempted to take the cone. Max had ENOUGH. He said “give me the cone” and he took it away from us. The group all stared at it in his hands and wanted to cry. The group continued saying “[Redacted] the cone” and Max continued to be like “no” because rules or something. At some point Ryan held the cone and shouted into it but the timeline is very confusing. Also the entire time John and Greyson were playing catch with a football (or frisbee) through the gazebo windows so it was rather chaotic. However, simply seeing the cone was enough to be life changing. Afterwards, RC Max made The Cone buttons so that the group would always have a memory of the wonderful cone.