Megan Vaz

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Megan Vaz
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016 2018-2019
Course(s) Speculative Fiction, PCULT, RevT
RAG(s) Krystal, Amber, Megan
Roommate(s) (unknown), Alex and Lauren Watson, Zoe Eldridge
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First Year

Megan Vaz is the most lit person to ever exist. She was a member of The Kitchen Squad, and was a first year at Wake Forest. There, she was friends with great people, including Alex LaFortune and Abby Starr. In her Speculative Fiction writing class, she was well known for writing a morbid tale about a fire extinguisher, which will forever live in infamy. She was also infamous for flirting with every person on campus, including her RC, Krystal. Despite this, she got a date to the dance, by a miracle. Megan also referred to herself as trash many times, after an incident at the first dance where her friends picked her up at the director's trash call. She was also the founder of a Houseplant Cult, which included the people in her hall and many others. Megan tried her best to make friends with the Jesus Camp, but she showed up in full Fall Out Boy American Psycho Face Paint for America day, causing them to judge her endlessly.


  • "I am a single trash on the ground."
  • "I'm friends with the Ghetto Kevin??"
  • "If Abby's on weed, I will support her."
  • "I'm bishrekshual."
  • "I got nine side hoes and you ain't one."
  • "Edmund (from the Chronicles of Narnia) is actually the worst."
  • "Alex looked like a tree, while his wife looked like Ponyo's mom."
  • "I want to hack into the server and delete anime's existence."
  • "I have never seen so many people in an elevator who need Jesus."
  • "The colors are pretty. But you're prettier."
  • "You are the only heterosexual at this table."
  • "I like bees more than I like you."
  • "I love you, but you're being crusty."

Megan did not return for her second year.

Third Year

However, she attended East Term 1 third year where she was roommates with Alex and Lauren Watson. Megan and Lauren learned lots from Alex's wisdom. Megan was quickly well liked and became fast friends with Shelby Balmer who was in PCULT with her. In PCULT, she made good friends, although was forever corrupted by the Communist 4th years and her teacher, Carl. She was well known for her sassy behavior, sketchy activity, and her quick witted comments. She eventually acquired both the The Pimp Robe and The Sass Hat in 2018 from Dayne Ware and Samuel Dobson, respectively.

Fourth Year

In 2019, Megan took RevT where she took George under her wing. She spent lots of time with her close friends, and secretly oversaw Greyson's playground as supreme overlord Jah. She had an interesting time in that Rev T class, to say the least. She is known to be the cause of “Titty Check” during one of the “one two one one” dances as Pimp Robe after her entire boob fell out, traumatizing the Greenies and turning Skippy IX straight. Megan attended the Room 319 party on the final night of TIP, and later spent the night running down the halls and hiding from RCs behind the stairs with many notable individuals, including her wife Ryan Hess, Brooke Huffman, thicc John, Maxx Shearod, Alex, Skippy IX, and Greyson. She passed down her Robe to her corrupted son George.


Year TIPyear Campus Term Course RAG
2016 1st Wake Forest I Speculative Fiction: Reading and Writing About Alternate Worlds Krystal (Mary, after The Fall)
2018 3rd Duke East 1 Political Cultures and Countercultures: the Battle for Public Opinion Amber (but she was absent mostly)
2019 4th Duke East 1 Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics Megan (best RC ever)