The Kitchen Squad

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The Kitchen Squad was formed on July 2nd, thirty minutes after midnight, during Term One of Wake Forest University. It lasted for about a hour before the students went back to their rooms. No one was caught. That, or their RC, Mary (a replacement after The Fall took place), didn't care because it was their last night. The KS was made up of four first year students at Wake Forest who stayed in First Floor B. All of them need Jesus, especially Abby.

Members of the KS

The Original KS™ consists of:

the mom friend
with the good (reflective) hair
got more hos than a phonebook in tokyo

heres to hoping the KS will grow/expand forever

Memorable Events

  • Abby ordered a medium cheese pizza from Papa Johns and got it cut in squares
    • She also ordered a chocolate chip cookie
      • This pizza/cookie was ordered/paid for with Sydney
        • Sydney couldn't participate in the KS because her dorm was on Third Floor B
  • Becca reads and reflects on her letter from Joel
    • Her Boyfriend™
  • Abby acts like she's on crack, when she's really just drinking coke
    • Even before the coke she was high
      • She could literally git high off air
        • She also promised later to bring sparkling cider next year
  • The RC Heather walked down the hall, causing a large scare that the KS would be discovered
    • Yeah, that Heather, the crusty one
      • It wasn't even her hall... what was she doing...
  • Megan complains about her boy problems
    • She literally sent the videos of Abby on coke to him and this is why he no longer likes her
  • Dramatic readings of the tipwiki
    • Shoutout to kinky tom from 2004
      • Shoutout to the SSL page
  • Half of the food in the kitchen is consumed by four people alone
  • Elizabeth talks about being a farm girl™
  • The security camera turned red, causing another scare
  • Becca accidentally turned on the stove twice, nearly starting a fire
    • Petition to get Becca removed
  • Megan does not think Nebraska is a real state
    • This is another reason why he stopped liking her
      • Nebraska is, in fact, a real state
  • Elizabeth has a two minute long snort attack
    • Which resulted in Abby laughing so hard she couldn't breath
      • To this day, the exact causes of it are still unknown
  • Abby put an ith reference on here kudos to anyone who got it
    • Hit her up though she needs more friends
      • Seriously she has like four
  • Shoutout to Ian's Homeslice
  • Megan first develops her list of main hos and side hos
    • On which Abby was originally SideHoe #3
      • She has been promoted to SideHoe #2
        • Technically she's the main SideHoe™ but Megan refuses to admit that Becca's Brother is never happening
          • Becca is on top of Joel
            • Megan did not add her guy from before onto the list, since she's P E to the T T Y
  • Discussions about Caleb and his amazing story
    • When will Ch 3 be released???
      • If anyone has his number... hit us up
  • Debate on who is the thirstiest (spoiler alert: it's Becca)
    • "Travis, your butt is one nice big curve" -Becca
    • "I have to be on top of Joel" -Becca