Will Snider

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Will Snider is Gay Jesus.

It's simple. He, during three terms, attracted such a following that he is never without friends or followers. He earns it, though, because he might just be the greatest person I've ever met. He is always gracious, and always kind and humble, to the point where he is always diverting attention to others, even in situations where he should be getting credit. At the end of his final term, he was walking around the quad with a girl, but by the time he circled back to the place where he was originally, there were thirteen people following behind him. This is just one example of the effects that Will has on the people around him. He will do great, great things. I'm calling it now.

Also, no matter how many times he tells Taylor Krick to go to the doctor, she won't.


Will Snider was a huge inspiration to younger LGBT+ TIPsters and peers alike, being the holder of the pride flag. His kind words, friendly attitude, and cheerful personality made him easy to be around and a terrific friend.

He also had the fairy wings, which was a terrific fit for him seeing how outgoing he was and how easy it was to befriend him. He is loyal and nonjudgmental, quick to love and slow to hate.

His one fault is eating ~8 Scribblers popsicles at every meal every day.

Will was in Saussy's RAG, the "Saussy Boizz," and if he were any sauce, he'd be Thousand Island.

He was in "Words That Matter: Rhetoric and Persuasion," and was said to be "The David Hasselhoff."

On the last day of TIP, he passed down the pride flag (still an unofficial relic at the time), to Braden Borbely, and the fairy wings to Katherine Lawson (who is a literal angel)

Will will always be remembered for always showing compassion to others and being a symbol of pride and support at East campus.

We will all love him and cherish him forever.

Long live the King!