Taylor Krick

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Taylor is the fourth holder of the Sockeisha relic at Duke East from 2017-2018. She received Sockeisha from Lizzie Wright and gave her to Lauren Watson. She is super kind, a 100, and can find the best drag queen videos in the whole world. She took Speculative Fiction at Trinity term 1 in 2015, Spoken Word at Duke East in 2017, and RevT at Duke East in 2018. She wore the same dress to every last dance and wore Will Snider's dress (it's super cute and black and has cute holes in the back!) to the first and second dances in 2018. Taylor's crowning achievement was knowing Will Snider (NO HETERO). Just kidding she's amazing at everything, won in color guard despite having a small guard, and has the best photo pose. Her favorite drag queen is Trixie.

GIRL please go to the doctor. I care about you. I love you. Please. Safety.

A Note From Lauren

Dear Mom, congratulations on being a state finalist TWICE in your high school career. Watching you perform from my tiny BMW in the junior high parking lot on my phone getting ready for a concert band rehearsal made me think of you and the amazing path you put me on. Thank you for gifting me with Sockeisha for my fourth year at TiP. She truly does work wonders and brought me close to so many people. I didn’t know anyone from Tip would impact my life like this, but little did I know we were already connected. I’m so incredibly thankful we got to bond over the trials and tribulations of being in a Texas marching band. I know you’re going places that I could only dream of going. You’re going to rock it tomorrow night!!