Penelope Steffen

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Penelope Steffen
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Trinity, Duke East
Attended 2018-now
Course(s) Psychology, Ethics,
RAG(s) Nailah, Hannah
Roommate(s) Emma, Lily Martin
Social Media

First year

Penelope was a first year at Trinity. She took Psychology. For TigerFest she was apart of the Texan Tomatoes. Penelope was in Nailah's RAG which was known to be the best. She was roomed with Emma who is super sweet.

Second year

Penelope went to East for her second year. Her roommate was Lily Martin. She took Ethics and was part of Hannah's RAG. She was named Assistant Historian to Garrick Reeder, and will carry this title forward in her third year alongside Anna Jones. She was also one of Daddy B. Duke's Sugar Babies, as well as Malia Hall, Evie, Anna Walker, and Katie Maddox.

Third Year

Penelope will return to the best campus and term (East Term 1) and will take Historical Epidemiology.

A Note from Lily Martin

Penelope Steffen is hands DOWN one of the best people I have ever come across. Penelope was my roommate my first year at TIP and I will forever be grateful for her immediate kindness. She encouraged me to get out more (which I didn’t) and was always there to make fun of me for crying (which I did often). She is hilarious and truthful and blunt and just KIND. I will always love Penelope and I will always know that I am so incredibly lucky to be able to call her my close friend, and the first friend I EVER made at TIP. I hate to think about what my year would have been without her. She showed me the ropes and guided me and answered my questions and entertained my 1:30 AM talks about boys and girls and anxieties. Thank you, Penelope Steffen, I love you. :)