Katherine “The Vodka Aunt” Nikolich

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Katherine “The Vodka Aunt” Nikolich
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Duke West, Duke East
Attended 2017-2019
Course(s) Psychology and Decision Making, Dictators, Kings, And CEO’s, Revolution and Terror
RAG(s) Maggie, Amber, Tanisha
Roommate(s) , Tate Clemons, Maddie Peronto
Social Media



Katherine Nikolich is a legend amongst legends. She took some class at West in 2017 during Term one but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that she came to East Term One in 2018 where she made a name for herself as one of the most gorgeous, sweetest, and bestest people ever to walk the earth. She was in Amber’s RAG where she was roommates with THE Tate Clemons. Their roommateship was absolutely legendary. Absolutely. Katherine is also known for her Relationtip with Jedi. She’s also really good at Volleyball and Lacrosse. She took RevT in 2019 and I think she was a part of the lanyard revolution, and had a deep hatred for Chad Smith. She was one of the hosts of The Party in Room 319. She can also dance really really really well.

Second Year

Third Year

A Note From a Roommate

Rooming with Katherine "The Vodka Aunt" Nikolich is an experience you have to live to fully comprehend.

Night 0 - The Night of Move-in Day, 2018:

Lights out began and Katherine went straight to sleep. I assumed that this is how it would be for the rest of term and prepared to have quiet nights - this assumption would soon be proven extremely incorrect.

Night 1 - 2018:

Lights out. Katherine was silently scrolling through memes on Instagram while lying on her stomach. I was straight across the room on my bed, journaling about my day. It was calm and normal. Katherine began quietly singing to herself, after a couple minutes I put together that she was singing "Piano "Man." She began to play the song on her phone as well. Still, normal. Soon, however, I realized that the lyrics she was singing were not the lyrics of the song. After she had completed her alternate version of "Piano Man" she went back to her memes.
I looked over to her bed to see Katherine hysterically laughing to herself, her body bouncing up and down with her face into her pillow.
I didn't know it then, but that was the night I met McKayla (Makayla, Mikayla, Micaela, Mikaela).


McKayla only makes her appearances after midnight or, occasionally, during the daytime if Katherine is exhausted. She can also be found for about 3 minutes after Katherine has woken up. She can write a song about anything with absolutely no preparation (e.g. Running, Running, Basketball) and finds all things absolutely hilarious. McKayla hates bee farmers with a PASSION and will not hesitate to explain her hatred.

Fourth Year

Best Friends


Second Year:

  • Parker Smith
  • Jackson Hollingsworth

Third Year:

  • Jedi Jones

Fourth Year:

  • Joseph Ryan

Vodka Aunt

Katherine was dubbed “The Vodka Aunt” due to her raw sexual energy and abundant chaotic vibes. Vodka Aunt is NOT a relic, and just an unofficial title. Katherine passed down the title to Lily Martin in 2019 and told her that her duty as Vodka Aunt was to recreate the Party in Room 319 with an additional person.