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The Very Super Queer Room is the third floor study in Pegram. On the first day at Duke East Term 1 2014, a group of second year TIPsters first ventured into this sacred space. From then on, they called it their home. The infamous name came into being when the original members realized most of the group are "queer" (whether through personality, or actual "queerness," but mostly the latter), and so the name was forever memorialized. The original group included Rose, Casey, Claudia, [Name Redacted], Jack, Olivia, and Sam. By the end of the first week, other regulars were added, such as Sarah, Julie, Peter, and Rosa (all of whom we love so very much). The whiteboard in our home became our creative outlet, covered in MCR fanart, shameless tumblr self-promotions, painful recreations of John Green quotes ("I fall off a cliff the way you fall asleep - slowly, then all at once"), and countless other additions. The Very Super Queer Room became a place of refuge, comfort, and love. In fact, all of the original members of this place are all completely in love with each other (platonically. mostly.) At one point throughout Queer Room history, a couple (whose identity shall remain hidden, but who were NOT members of the Queer Room community) were caught making out (!) on these sacred grounds before breakfast. Two members caught them, and promptly ran away. No need to interrupt young (love) relationTIPs. The Queer room was also a total party place. Food purchased at the store was always shared amongst everyone, especially green apple things, and was thrown about during one D&D tournament. The Very Super Queer Room will always be in our hearts. As we discovered on the last night when we were pulled from our overheated palace, as I sit here in my cleaned out room only hours away from leaving TIP typing this out, the Queer Room is not just the place, but the people. We will always be a family and will always be collectively in love, whether we are physically in the Room or not.


Rose "Technically" Clipson (often referred to as Mikey Way)

•Casey R.

Claudia Smith.

Jack Grossman

Olivia Berry

Peter Gado

Sarah Baldino

•Julie S.

•Rosasharn (Rosa) B.