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Sarah Baldino is a 3rd year at Duke East during Term One in Sergeant Erin's Squad 227 (fammmm!). She is a beautiful, talented, amazing person who can sing opera like it's nobody's business. She is most commonly seen eating dessert (M&M cookies, Fruit Loops, Sprite, and Strawberry Shortcake ice cream) for meals, and turning savage when it comes to the Vermonster. She has competed in TIPsync every year she has been at TIP.

Sarah's first year was at Davidson during Term One, where she was part of the class, "That's Debatable," and was a one of "Danielle's Little Monsters" in Danielle's RAG. For TIPsync, her RAG performed "Single Ladies" by Queen Bey. They placed third and won a pizza party. The routine was choreographed by Rachel Greenwald, who has serious skills. Her roommate was Christine Kim. Although Christine was unable to return to TIP, her and Sarah were extremely similar. They were the same clothing size, wanted to go to the same college, were afraid of the same things, and participate in the same activities. As the two girls live far apart, they do not get to reunite frequently. She was also asked to two dances by a 2nd year called Dhruv who stalked her after TIP. Dhruv guilt tripped her into dancing with him (after she passed out at Summerfest-- she isn't accustomed to the hellish heat of North Carolina as she lives in DC), and because she was a spineless yet sweet 1st year, she didn't fend him off.

The next year she was a baby second year on Duke East during Term One, where she took the class "Writing With Power." Her RC was Kate, and Sarah was a proud member of the Katertots. The Katertots performed "Pompeii" by Bastille. They placed 2nd and because she was classically trained in ballet for 9 years, she had a dance solo at the beginning. That year she designed a rad shirt for the RAG which was totally adorable. During this year, she was an early member of the Very Super Queer Room.

She returned to East Term One (East is beast!) for her third year, and she took "Computer Skills for Today's Scientists and Engineers." The class was difficult, but Sarah managed to pull through.

Sarah's third year TIPsync will forever be remembered. With Peter Gado and Netra Rastogi and the support of RC Samuel, Sarah helped choreograph and perform the song, "Sheila Ki Jawani." The dance was a tribute to their Indian herritage and Peter's fascination with India. The two girls wore makeshift sarees out of Sarah's skirts and Ashely's scarf. Before the performance, the three citizens of Brown Town chanted. Sarah has a shirt that says, "First of all. No. Second of all. No. " When Peter saw it, he said, "Honey bunches of no." Ever since then, it has been Peter and Sarah's things. Netra joined in later. Whenever the Brown Squad would do something bomb ass, they would chant:

Sarah: "First of all," All: "NO!" Netra: "Second of all," All: "NO!" Peter:"Honey bunches of," All: "NO!"

This was done before TIPsync.

Unfortunately, due to TiP's strict TIPpropriate standards, the words, "I am too sexy for you," in the song had to be blanked out. RC Samuel, along with a majority of the 3rd years and her friends from Sergeant Erin's Squad 227 screamed, "noot noot" over the word, "sexy" to keep it TIPpropriate. The "noot noot" is derived from the pingu meme. She, Peter, Netra, and Samuel (the lead Noot-ist) will always be the core of the "noot noot squad." At TIPsync, Sarah's group was nominated "Best Choreographed," and they happily received this award, as Samuel happily jumped up and down and maybe even was seen shedding a tear of pride. Although Sarah and Netra were fabulous, Peter was the lead of the dance. He was Sheila, the sexy ass star of the show who was getting too many boys. Peter's ability to shake his hips and caress himself sold it and they were a definite crowd favorite. However, after their performance, another group, with no connection to India, performed another Indian song. In poor taste, they did not research the song and when asked the song's language, they replied "Arabic." In fact, this was wrong, and the "noot noot squad" had to yell at the crowd as this was incorrect. It was actually a South Indian dialect very similar to Hindi. Even though they corrected this mistake, one of the judges still licked his shoe as he promised. This judge had asserted that if anyone could identify the language of the song, he would lick his shoe.

Her 3rd year was very eventful, as she was injured several times. At the first dance, her beloved bae, main ho, and son, Peter Gado was twirling his key in the air and accidentally got it stuck in her hair. Sarah, who has a phobia of being bound, freaked out and lost some hair. A couple days later, a 4th year (Josh) threw a key at her face and gave her a black eye. There was a cut under her eye which scarred, and the color lasted for around a month after the incident. Her eve was swollen for a week, but she still managed to look fabulous. She went to the Student Health Center and picked up some hilarious condoms, with one that said "one shall not pass." She cried of laughter so she decided to take them back with her as a souvenir of her visit. She was known as "Key Girl." Her bed also broke halfway through the term, which led her to fall off of her bed. She bruised her hip. Despite all this injury, Sarah was super optimistic and sweet, attempting to move on from her dreadful, injury-filled, 2nd week.

Sarah is one of the sweetest and most social people you will meet. However, she is known to be fiercely protective of both her laundry (she can get savage as fuck) and the TIP traditions. She is very adamant on keeping them alive, and she will not hesitate to call out (in as pleasant a manner as possible) 2nd years who think it is okay to mock spirit week, do the doggy doggy chant, or attempt to enter the 4th year circle during American Pie.

She is one of the coolest tipsters around, and her fourth year is definitely going to be brilliant with her happy, adorable face cheering on the fourth years and making sure that the second and third years know and respect the traditions...