Peter Gado

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The person we all want to be. A true TIP legend, he is the man candy of every 3rd-year girl on East. He is obsessed with his cat and pretends to be Indian. He knows more about India than Sarah Baldino who is a disgrace to the motherland. Peter if life. He literally only says, "Me too!" and laughs. He has made everyone pee at least once. Peter has a fungal infection during Term 1 of 2015 at East.

Peter's One-Liners: "She took my eyes" "Me too" "Poop has literally no nutritional value" "My mom sent me a bunch of mushroom emoji's, she knows about the fungal infection" "Lip to dick" "Thirsty son" (Sarah came up with it)

Peter's Memorable Conversations: Bailey: "Peter has a fungal infection" Peter "Me too!" Bailey: "You are Peter" Peter: *Gasps with a face of utter shock*

Peter's RelationTIP's: (counting platonic ones) Mother and main ho: Sarah Baldino Sarah made sure Peter put on his fungal creme, and basically is a combination of his sister, mother, and whore because she's funny as hell

Peter married Bailey, and basically was a playboy a non-literal sense. He was funny as fuck and is my savior. He gives me life.