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Claudia Smith is a tipster who went to Davidson Term Two 2013 and Duke East Term One 2014. At East, she roomed with her one-and-only, Maggie Snyder. Claudia was part of the Kater Tots. She arrived a day late because she was busy doing shit in China. Was infamous because she always sang MCR, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco (the holy trinity of bands) really loud and had bright red hair and may or may not have been five feet two inches tall. She was the only ten-I-see.

She was in Criminal minds with Andrew Toale, and learned way too much about rapists. William Miltich was her hot-tuxedo-man-in-a-friend-way. Claudia was a huge feminist, like almost every other awesome person at TIP. She was part of the group of queer (awesome) kids who hung out in the Very Super Queer Room of Pegram (an original member even), where she contributed greatly to the Board of Creativity [All Hail] with her drawings, and took Maggie's barbecue chips. She was responsible for the Three Cheers album art on the board. It was later discovered she was the real reason that the Justin Bieber perfume was used up so quickly. It was good stuff, and Maggie always left it out.

She also is credited in inventing the most horrible drink on the planet-Rockstar energy drink mixed with lemon mio. Chewed A LOT of that terrible/beautiful sour apple gum. Always slept in until like 8:45, when Rose or Casey would have to wake her up by bringing her coffee (milk, two sugars. also, Rose was so nice she brought her pastries). She was able to roll out of bed at the last second, and still look PERFECT. Jealous. Claudia was in love with Rose "Technically" Clipson. She had this Pete! At the Disco shirt that was actually the best thing ever and that everyone wanted to steal. Claudia was a babe, and now she has to remember to send us all pictures of her hot California band members. (◡︿◡✿)

On a side note, bro.

Claudia attended Davidson Term Two 2013 and took Psychology with teacher Margaret Bates (she was bae) and TA Rob Edmiston, who feeds cocaine to rats. She talked about Doctor Who a lot. Like a lot. That's pretty much the only thing she talked about in class. Aside from, you know, psychological things. Claudia had brown hair at the time and was generally a perfect human. I distinctly remember this really nice pair of pink shorts she had that were really lovely and very flattering. She was/is a pretty cool person.


"If I were Jay-Z"

Claudia is bae