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The tradition of "moonscreaming" was started at [[East Term 1 2015]] by a small group of TIPsters including Hux Duffy, Noah Joyce, Hayden Troup, Sophie Cleghorn, and lead by Andrew Toale. They organized a group of TIPsters out in the middle of the statue quad every night, weather permitting, to scream as loudly as possible at the moon (or if no moon was in sight, into the void of space) at 9:30 pm sharp. The screaming would last one minute exactly, from 9:30 to 9:31, and included anyone who was willing to lend their vocal chords to the protest of the hateful glowing night orb. One TIPster () brought sunflowers from Whole Foods and distributed them at one of the earlier moonscreams, and it was decided that every year the moonscreams would feature sunflowers at least once (usually on the first night of moonscreaming,) typically supplied by the coordinator of the moonscreams. The leader of the moonscreams will be determined every year by the previous moonscream leader, who will signify their chosen successor with the "moonscream mask" which is a rubber horse head mask with space-age-y decorations. The current and fourth holder of the moonscream mask is Brooke Huffman, who will continue the tradition at [[East Term 1 of 2019]]. According to Noah Risley, this relic has the most big dick energy.

Moonscreaming Leaders

Year Leader
2015 Andrew Toale
2018 Soren Creecy
2019 Brooke Huffman
2020 Emma Peters