Emma Peters

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Emma Peters
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2017-now
Course(s) Constitutional Law, Revolution and Terror, International Relations
RAG(s) Sydney, Dipali, Gabby
Roommate(s) Celine, Rachel Oh, Josephine Hinely
Social Media

Emma is the most aggressively positive human being currently attending TiP. She is known for her spontaneous personality, kindness towards fellow tipsters, and large collection of costumes. Emma is perhaps the most spirited tipster of all time. In her free time, she enjoys meeting new tipster friends, being trash at frisbee, and hysterically screaming at the moon.


Emma prides herself in continuing the legacy her fourth year friends left her, specifically tipsters such as Taylor Krick, Søren Creecy, Karissa Korman, Eden Sokoloff, Lily Smith, Brooke Huffman, Braden Borbely, Maggie Randle, Yaya Kagiliery, and Shelby Balmer (to name a few). She hopes to show all tipsters what the spirit of TiP is. Emma's older sister, Haylee Peters, went to TiP from 2012 to 2016. Emma likes to believe she is carrying on Haylee's legacy as well; however, she understands that TiP is different for everyone and she can't live in her sister's footsteps for her whole life. Emma, as she has said before, "ain't nobody's hoe" and likes to live her life however the hell she wants.

Davidson First Term 2017

Emma attended her first year at Davidson. She was in Sydney's RAG and was roommates with Celine. Here, she took Constitutional Law. She was known for being very controversial and not really talking until the third week of camp. She spent most of her time playing card games with her RAG. For tipsync, she and her RAG performed Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, ultimately starting her tradition of doing a Disney tipsync every year. Her nickname in the termbook on her class page was "Fedora the Explorer". Emma's fedora, previously her sister's handed down from her fellow tip friend Joseph, became a staple part of her look. She was known as fedora girl... until she wore a dinosaur costume to the second dance themed throwback Thursday. This caused chaos as the costume was too large for the small closed in space where tipsters were crammed in. The greatest moment was when she caused the whole line to fall during End of the World when the tail of her costume got in the way of oncoming traffic.

Duke East First Term 2018

Emma attended her second year at Duke East. This was a completely different (and way better) experience compared to Davidson. Here, Emma learned the true meaning of TiP. She was in Dipali's RAG group which is, and always will be, the greatest RAG of all time. We love you Dipali <3. She had incredible tipsters, such as Anna Jones, Amy B, Carolina Larracilla, Josephine Hinely, Maia S, and Kennedy Jordan, in her RAG. She also had a special bond with Reagan and would say happy birthday to her everyday. (hApPy BiRtHdAy ReAgAn!!!!) She did I've Got a Dream from Rapunzel for her tipsync, along with a bunch of other girls from her RAG. The 4th years during Emma's second year were hand down the best group of tipsters there has ever been at TiP. With people like Søren Creecy and Noah Risley as fourth years, it was sure to be a hell of a term.

Duke East First Term 2019

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