Noah Risley

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Noah Risley is an East legend.


Noah was in PCULT (Political Cultures and Countercultures), and had the superlative of "


Noah was in Andrew's RAG, in which no superlatives were given.

Noah was in Rev-T (Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics), and had the superlative of "most likely to seize the memes of production" (which is incredible wtf).

Noah was initiated into the brotherhood during this term.


In their fourth year, they were widely known as a parental figure to many younger TIPsters and peers alike. They were always available for love and support, and gave some of the best advice you could ask for. It was a perfect fit that they had the Pastorship during the 2018 term, a relic that will become official when Brooke Huffman passes it down on stage in 2019.

Noah was once mistaken for the iconic Noah C Cornelius by 2nd year Austin Willis, where he said, "I like your song, the rap was really good." Ever since the incident, it quickly became an inside joke among Noah's friends that haunts them to this day.

Noah was a member of Joe Oh's RAG, "Joe Oh's Wagon Wheels," and was given the superlative "Most Likely to Parent the RAG."

Noah was in PILF (Philosophy in Film and Literature) during their fourth term, and had the superlative of "Most Likely to Bulth Hate, and Murder Peter Singer" due to their tendency to discuss their hatred for Peter Singer at any moment the opportunity arose.

Along with the Pastorship, Risley also had the Swerve in 2018, and executed it in a very professional, technically-advanced fashion, They passed it down to Greyson Wisdom.

Noah passed the Pastorship down to Brooke Huffman, one of their best friends. Brooke and Noah have one of the most adorable friendships ever observed by tipsters, and Brooke would like to put on the record that Noah Risley is the best human being.

Noah's time at TIP may have come to an end, but their legacy will always live on at East campus.