Ashley Cano

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Ashley Cano
Ashley(left),with her friends Hunter and Rowan
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Trinity University Rice University
Attended 2016,2017,2018
Course(s) Speculative fiction, Abnormal Psychology, Criminal Trial Advocacy Rice Term 2 2018
RAG(s) Kelsey's RC Group, Ashley's SKAWAAD, Anna's Stranger Things
Roommate(s) Lauren Fulghum, Lucy Colangelo
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2plus.png Cross-Campus
This TIPster has attended TIP at more than one campus.

A blessing to those around her, Ashley Cano has been to Tip three times now, no one knows where she went the first 2 times cause that doesn’t really matter what matters is that the third time around she went to Rice Term 2 2018. Where she spread her love and kindness to all through free hugs and a thicc stack of post it notes in the DTRTTPINKP (Duke Tip Rice Term Two Post It Note Kindness Project). Always eats grapes even though she’s allergic and makes threats of yeeting herself off the fifth floor. The least intimidating person ever but also one of the sweetest. Deserves everyone’s utmost love and all the grapes in the world. Took Criminal Trial Advocacy and was rightfully voted Kindest Classmate.

Criminal Trial Advocacy 2018