Christie Vernon

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Christie Vernon
Chris in between two friends, Andreana & Katie
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Duke West, Rice University
Attended 2017, 2018
Course(s) Abnormal Psychology, Historical Epidemiology
RAG(s) Alexis' RC Group
Roommate(s) Jessica, Sofia Cosie
Social Media


Christie Vernon went to Rice Term 2 2018 and took Historical Epidemiology, and is the Romanian Queen of Alexis' RC Group. She has a great fashion sense and is sometimes mistaken for being her brother's mom. She taught us how to salsa! She orders sushi quite often. She is an (un)actual model. Known for having small hands, getting dress coded, starting the dress code revolution (as mentioned in The Infamy of 2018), and teaching her friends how to flirt and handle knives. She's also literally the best friend that anyone could ever ask for and I would call her first thing if I had buried a dead body, which of course I haven't, but I might have because you have no idea who is writing this. Anyway, she has infinite BDE, but she also radiates panic energy, and that's okay. Everyone compliments her because she's Christie. People think that she's intimidating but once you meet her she's literally so sweet. Besides this, Christie is infamously late to functions and her friends have accepted this as a permanent tenet of her personality, and some of us have come to love it. On the downside, though, she did miss breakfast with Dylan almost every day, but it allowed her to go to breakfast with the (very amazing) Andreana.

She was in a relationship with the Flower of Scotland, Daniel, the Waffle Lover, even though Christie herself prefers pancakes, the inferior breakfast food. Nevertheless, they formed the European Union together, bringing light to our entire friend group. Is Romania even part of the EU? Where is Romania? I don't know. Anyway, her strong, Romanian, ex-communist blood allows her to transcend all of us in strength or a battle of wits.

Platonically married to Lahari since Duke West Term 2 2017. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

The Sanctity of Christie Vernon

Christie Vernon is a legend of TiP history in that she has never broken one rule. Yup, not one rule. She has ascended to the heavens and joins all of the other Romanian saints in prayer every single night. I don't know why I wrote this. But it's the truth. (No, it's not, it's the exact opposite, but she's European, what can you expect?). She has also been accepted to the Super Secret Duke TiP Boarding School and will be getting her PhD very soon.


  • Christie x Daniel = European Union

Went to Duke West in 2017, Rice University in 2018, and hopefully Duke West term 2 2019 to chill with Arman Tavallaei.