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]Evelyn’s RC group is the best and all the other pages that say this are lying. She should never be forgotten. She also finally hit the fat whip in Time Warp



Term 1

Quotes/Random Memes

  • So basically, Maddox is monkey
  • Killer Bean is love, killer bean is life
  • Evelyn has been to 5 continents but she won’t tell you that
  • Rudolf is spooder man and climbs on the walls
  • Y’all, COME TO STAIR D!!!
  • Jaz is also spooder man sometimes
  • Tyler is our sped 4th grader
  • Evelyn isn't a gamer girl and doesn’t live in a society
  • gamers r i s e up
  • Rudolf is very sus
  • Y'all
  • Not gonna lie, that’s kinda cringe
  • ”Life is just a series of bruh moments” -Hasnain


  • Jaz
  • Stephen
  • Michael
  • Auggie
  • Rudolf
  • Alan
  • William
  • Will
  • Miles
  • Jacob
  • Palmer
  • Tyler
  • Hasnain
  • Patrick
  • Maddox
  • James

Term 2


  • Chaz
  • James
  • Tommy
  • Chad
  • Asher
  • Knox
  • Andrew
  • Keylan
  • Alec
  • Josh
  • Shane
  • Aiden
  • David
  • Daniel


The first choice for TIPSync in Term 2 was the Halo theme which was denied by the administrators. Evelyn’s RC group got their second choice of Fireflies by Owl City. Chaz choreographed a ballet for the group and the Macarena was used to fill the chorus. Fireflies won third place and lost to Single Ladies and Toxic.

Other notable soloists:
•Asher and Chad- slow danced through the chorus
•Evelyn- canoodle noodled Asher and Chad

Hoot Fest

Amazing Race

For both Hoot Fest and Amazing race this RC group was assigned to the red team. R2 walked with Evelyn and misinterpreted the first clue terribly leading to their low standing and general lack of victory. The other red team R1 met up with R2 at the jeopardy room and lost to R2. They ultimately placed in the same range as the first red group

RC Group Nights

Week 1

Evelyn decided to have a movie night the first week. As a group the first choice was Spider-Man 3, this was not available for streaming so the second choice had to be voted upon. Eventually it was decided that Monty Python and the Holy Grail would be the movie. The dining situation for takeout ended up being more convoluted than expected and Evelyn was so tired at the end of the night. The main orders were Shake Shack, Cane’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Panda Express.