Biomedical Ethics

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Term One

Dear Chase and Alex, What is Biomedical Ethics?

Sincerely, C

  • Everyone in his class knows that Chase is the, the honey to my bee, the peanut butter to my jelly, the chips to my salsa, the butter to my popcorn, the fall to my tree.


  • Elisabeth
  • Chris Shu
  • Sophie Jejurikar
  • Emma (Davolt) Davolt
  • Katherine Anderson
  • Aarthi Toniappa
  • Lauren Shiell
  • Maura (last name redacted)
  • Omar Jamil
  • Skyler Houser
  • Cassidy (Cassie) Middlebrook
  • Katie Giveon
  • Zoe Chang
  • Nathan Lee


  • Chase Yuan


  • Alex Mebane, future audiobookist.

honorable mention: Sam

Most Notable Events

  • One day, when the class was hanging in the hammocks, they challenged Chase to get into the high hammock directly underneath the large tree branch. He accepted the challenge, and proceeded to drag the yellow climbey thing so that he could get onto the hammock. Chase climbed onto the yellow thing, but he was a tad too short and could not completely get onto the hammock. His students encouraged him to jump and hold onto the tree to swing himself into the hammock. Without hesitation, he jumped and grabbed hold of the tree branch. However, the moss was too slippery, so he went for the hammock. He hit the hammock, then flipped around the hammock, and flipped another 180 degrees to land on the ground on his stomach, his arms outstretched. As he was falling, he made the poles on either side of the hammock vibrate and he hit the lamp with his foot on the pole furthest away from the arches and it fell to the ground along with him. Luckily, he was unscathed apart from a little scratch on his ?right? forearm. Chase made it out alive! THE END.

Also, they would't let us into the library. We had to come back later with special cards and stuff.

We tried to read outside one time, but we got eaten alive by bugs. Sorry Chase -- thanks for trying to get us fresh air.

Much of this page was written when we were supposed to be writing our 9 page papers.

Kinda not really notable group

  • Never forget the Fab Five... (" Literally no one calls them that" - Elisabeth). Omar Jamil, Lauren Shiell, Aarthi Toniappa, Sophie Jejurikar, Emma Davolt... rip the real spilk makers

Notable sayings

  • “Tip” - Alex “du-STERS” - us kiddos
  • “These thoughts ain’t moral” - fab five
  • “Yikes... that’s awkward” - fab five
  • “Here’s your language, mop it” - fab five

"I Kant even." - unkown

Term Two


  • Polly Pocket (Pablo)
  • Isabella Fleites
  • Sophie Rich
  • Mo Chintalapaty
  • Annie Zhao
  • Maggie Yu
  • Miles Opulauohl
  • Kashin Mathur
  • Joyce Lul
  • Taha
  • Chris Lloyd
  • Blake Cronin
  • Yasmin Boulter
  • Jacky


  • Chase


  • Alex

Notable Events

  • thicc grass
  • Chase returning to his natural habitat, the hammocks
  • Chase eating a bread sandwich

Notable Quotes

  • "Fetus Deletus"
  • "Summon the clout bus"
  • "Sex is for children"
  • "This isn't a vlog it's a montage"
  • "I'll sacrifice Alex's shoulder for a shower"
  • "Pablo I swear to God you're gonna meet RuPaul"
  • anything in a really bad British accent
  • "Jesus loves Disneyland"